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Lord i just wana say thank you
For this understanding
And this righteous way you set before me

The spirits you put me around me
To motivate my doings
And clear the path that I walk

Your humble servants you set in my life

Your sabbath
Signifying the rest to come when you return

Its because I live and come this far in my life and noone else

And its because you was here when I had no one else

Now im ready to move forward and represent you
And no one else


In everything that I do
And everything that I do
And everything that I want
And all that I have and all that i had

Im glad Lord that you gave it to me
You ain't have to do it when i asked for it
And love ya word above all else
You ain't have to show me
You ain't have to know me
You ain't have to go and get me outta trouble

Its your will that shows me you the realest
All the evil spirits with evil intentions done had me tensed
And ion even feel it

Are you happy right now?

Ill be laughing like I forgot that these dudes thats dapping ain't look out for me
They ain't been there for me
They ain't een care for me
They ain't did none for me
Thats just sad to see how it had to be
But imagine me getting mad at these dudes
Thats dead to me dude
You dead to me
Do you have to be rude?
I ain't have to be cool

I ain't half these fake dudes
Ill be glad to make moves

I had to stay true
Its hard to stay you
Thats all that i do
Regardless if it been hard or not
This is what i been taught
Its all in my moves

I just wana be the best that I can be
Is that hard to see
It ain't too hard for me
As long as god with me
Why you bothering me?

Im doing good and just tryna keep at it
Now im concerned with the fact that you mad?

Ill be damn if i gave a damn about you being mad and thats on my mans

All that you saying dont really make sense
I kinda get it but dont get the jist of it
Im sorry but I ain't convinced

Christmas just past and I didn't get gifts
Thats when you really know what Christmas is
Jesus wasn't really born on the 25th
Tell me where in the bible you see that at?
You ain't seen it
And I see that
Thats a demon putting trees up
Jeremiah 10 told me that
I admire them that dont believe in it


Ch ch ch cheat my way
I ain't gone cheat my way in
(Ch ch ch)

The Lord look after me and he gone lead my way in
(Ch ha)

My bad I have to say all that ain't necessary

Watch out you playing with it

Ch ch ch cheat my way
I ain't gone ch my way in
(Ch ch ch)

The Lord look after me and he gone lead my way in
(Ch ha)

Yall could of sworn that i was playing

Believe me I dont believe in no man


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Songwriter(s): Ridgio
Record Label(s): 2018 947424 Records DK
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