Revolutionary Lyrics


I'm something something like a visionary
This one right here is revolutionary
I don't wana be the one to point it out but everybody before me is temporary
We ain't in no cut and this is very scary
Come witness this magic, I don't know Harry
And you niggas so plastic
You oh so scary
Yup you fake and hoe-ish
Oh so baby boyish
I don't make no music, came to make some noise
Don't play with me boy, I don't play with toys
Might just eat her cookie, I like Chips Ahoy
Just for right now let's get back to the topic
What you finna see is something you can't stop
Its a hundred of words I can use to describe it
I'm a man of action
I ain't with the talking
Come and rock with me and never go un-rocking
Its gone be one day we gone chill on the tropics
And never have worries listen to my doctrine
The birds gone be chirping
The pigeons, they flocking
He lied to yo he fufu tell em stop it
His actions
They don't meet his words he just talking
I gotta dream
You do too go and cop it
I told you I started way back I ain't stopping
Had haters tryed holding me back get up off me
Niggas talk bout they want war get a coffin
Not just for me
For whoever they target
Then put em right in it they reap what they sowing
(Them put em right up in the lake where they going)

What you finna see is something you can't stop
I got hundreds of words I can use to describe it
I'm a man of action
I ain't with the talking
Come and rock with me and never go un-rocking



Don't give a damn what you facilitate
Say that you believe and you a reprobate

I done came a long way from hell, that's my fate

I believe in destiny that you can make

Please dont come by way, I am M.I.A

I done treated lot of niggas in my day

Wasted a lot of time
No I can't be behind
Its hammer time and no my time I can't delay

Time to get to the topic that's just in hand

How you lie to ya boy and call that yo mans

How you claim that you flex, got a lot of bands

But ain't never once lent out a helping hand

That's that fakery to me I cannot stand

And you being my friend ain't up in my plans

Hate to meet ya
Ain't ya feature
I can teach ya
Lot of things to make you think you ain't the man

My dreams to me is something so realistic

They can't be too far, I swear that I can feel it

Thanks to him and not myself,that's not to mention

Its like magic but its not, just pay attention

I might move a lot, the way I move is different

I might cook the beat the way I need to move my kitchen

Need my crew right by me
They got wings, not feet
Like what you mean
I mean I mean just wait and listen

How you gotta plan but that is not a mission

I been thinking bout how all of my trust went missing

How my trust in man and woman non-existant

And ain't nothing how you want til you tripping

It ain't nothing new and no its nothing different

Revolutionary plans to be specific

Its a mission
Most efficient
Keep me distant
Distancing myself from all the triple 6's


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Songwriter(s): Ridgio
Record Label(s): 2018 947424 Records DK
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