Switch Up Lyrics

You say that Im different
I know Im the same
R*A yea I know what I claim
Im prolly cruisin switchin laaanes
My homies be smokin doobies to the braaain
My niggas unruly
You so fruity tooty
Listen to my music
You think its a movie
You say you gone make it
Chu not dont get pissed
Claim you want it all
Look at it like this
Success only bring you some hoes thats gone switch up
You niggas so hoeish
Yo hoe turn yo bitch up
They act like they like
Like you for ya money
"Can I hold a hunnit"
*Smtck* must think you funny
Niggas ain't fa you
These hoes ain't fa you
That bitch ain't fa you
This game ain't fa you
Claim that they heard all yo songs and they like you
Trip up get locked up and they won't even write you
They say free da guys 
The same guys that they lie to
They say they won't snitch
But they snitch bout that rifile
Yo homie shot you for a name and a title
Which you would shoot me for a name and a title
My homie my dawg was ya name and ya title
Lame ass nigga
Ole gay ass nigga
They switch up on you and they claim that you switched up
Family portait time get up outta my picture
I drink up a picture
Do you get the picture
Now picture me twice
Call that picture in picture
You picture me rolling
You roll up in honda
And messed up the picture
They came for the dope smoke and females and liquor
We got off da liquor
I wanted to lick her
Licky licky lick her up and down n stick her up against the wall
And then lick her and dick her
P p p p p*ssy ass nigga you weak as hell (weak as hell)
Broke as hell (broke as hell)
We can tell (we can tell)
(Weak as hell) ((Broke as hell))
We can Tell (((We can tell))
Cuz if you ain't know
Gwallop Gwallop my nickname
Gwallina my chick name
(Gwallina my chick name)
These hoes out here jealous Gwallina a rich name
Since I was young i said I need a rollie
Dedicate myself to stackin macaroni
Thottie body pleeease
Get up off yo knees
Niggas rolling smoking sippin something stupid
Changing for a bitch
Oh yeah you must be stupid
She gone switch up on you
Switch a dick up on you
And act like you got what was coming to you
Only mess wid niggas thatll never change
You mess wid niggas that change for pocket change
Money changing up
My females changing up
Lookin at myself like I didn't change enough

Switchin lane
Used to switch up my swishers
Gone head get that switch off the tree and Ill switch ya
If you switch up on me
Tell me why you switchin
One promise my nigga 
I swear I won't switch up

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Record Label(s): 2018 947424 Records DK
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