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Venting Lyrics (feat. K.A.A.N.)

[Verse 1: Quadeca]
I can see the youth through a casket
The truth and the proof is attractive, it's used as a magnet (Yeah)
I can see these fools looking past
In my view of which you hasn't cracked yet, it's new as a package
But a none of these dudes haven't packed yet
And you're usually cool in the classes but you have just acted
What you thought was true you have mastered
'Cause dudes in your crew have reacted
In ways that your viewed as invalid, so you changed up
Not overnight like a dew in the grass to the blue in
The sky but a blue but it bruises from losing your balance
The way that you stood wasn't cool to the masses
Lessons you learn weren't ones that the school had imagined
Crazy what we're willing to lose for a life and
What we do when we're snacking on food for the average
Yeah, yeah, I'm gonna take it back to the roots, on the mic I'm a passionate dude (Uh!)
'Cause I'm having to prove to everybody in past that I knew
That I'm popping cause the stats and the views, and they say I never changed a lot, yeah
But the truth is, I'm a changed man
Started off so dim, and now I'm so damn bright
You gotta look at your screen with Ray-Bans
Damn, yeah this really got me reminiscing
Back when all this shit was an idea, I was getting with it
Messing with them, and I dreamed that I was getting with this present business
Now that I'm getting riches I ain't covered any distance
When I drop it they 'gon understand the better vision
Really think I said the difference here, but they never listen
Ran through my mind too much now it's Luce and Limpin'
See my growth leaning like we're Future sippin'
Who's generation wanna blame it on the stupid system
But who kids say f*ck when you're doing shit but choosing victims
Feasting on these rappers when I'm done they'll do the dishes
Is this (Yeah) a message to the people or myself?
I feel like I am near the ceiling
They gon' leave me on the shelf, yeah

[Verse 2: K.A.A.N.]
Somedays I feel alone, so alone (Alone)
Sometimes I get high, too high (High)
Take a look inside my mind, my mind
Why is love so hard to find? Can't find it
All alone in this momentarily
Terrified that I might just fall
Got crucified, but see, it's all my fault
My patience lost and my soul weary
I pray to God, but he don't hear me
I plead for help, but no answers given
I do relate to these hopeless children
No faith inside them, no (Oh Lord)
Can't tell them nothing though (They gone)
My heart it bleeds for y'all, you know I
Feel ya' pain, I feel ya' hatred
Feel the track that's filled with love that feels as a friend it pays
Take ya' time but don't move too slow
No room for growth in this world, darling
No amount of money can replace respect
And all the bullshit that we accept
I'm very vexed and I'm blessed indeed
So I do proceed to give them what they need
And tell them, "Ba-ba-ba-back the f*ck up off me"
This life is mine, well that's one that's costly
My piece of mind is what the game has cost me
My heart done turned cold, so cold (Cold)
I'm young but feelin' old, so old (Old)
I wonder how it is, I don't know (Know)
My thoughts that fade into the unknown ('Known)
It's getting darker when life gets harder
I won't get caught up with all the madness
I will stay focused to avoid distractions, love

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Songwriter(s): K.A.A.N., Quadeca
Record Label(s): 2017 Quadeca
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