Mathematics Lyrics

[Verse One: Brook Gima]
Mathematics to the brave to the trave
Revenge to Primrose and dig up the grave
Shut up my strong, bridge bridge nightmares
You slack off, shit my spell, oh my god
Rappers will blackers
Eat if a fit' is job back trying backers
I'm behind you
I'm remind you
I'm a mind you
My deep down in the lives
[Verse Two: Luke]
Fino is back
You understand chamber the Gateekeeper spill dead
Up and down,
Keep slagging, feelin' shit workin' up
I'm the horror, as me is nightmares, the 26 dicks
Up me and downtown is my mind check hell
I'm apart like finna finna finna finna up and down mic bitches
Rules afraid, in my block
Now is a Primrose Class is my mathematics
I said mathematics
Bang from the dead
Repeat 6X
Bang bang bang bang bang baaaaaaaang!
[Verse Three: Karim Kaloga]
And now is death folks regular my deadly
Ready ready is hole my ghost for the ready
Devils for the prank for my murder
Heaven Of God and Sin and Bless Jesues thermos
I'm a doin' a running and park with me is Bloody Marry
I'm the Karim Kaloga has takin' em scary
Mask on the graves, I'm the prank
Loc' rules
That bules
This cules
[Verse Four: Brook Gima]
Motherf**ker's said bridge verse is ghostly
Job is the rappers to the hell and the ghostly
Slaggin' up head
Diggin' up the shovel takes grave in a buried
You gotta run behind you
(RUN! ) Mathematics
Hey, everybody number
16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23
All my niggaz sure my chop of bodies all over the floor
The blood spill with the floor
[Verse Five: Karim Kaloga]
Karim Kaloga and creepin' my fronts or like a flights is
Now to back my floor is flights is
Now you meaning for life, no slagging up
Oh shit, my bullets and rusty
And will don will don will don will don will do
[Verse Six: Luke]
I'm doing six hands leave
I'm crypt was the darkside and diggin' up the shovel
The blood if you grave of your crowd wanna hurt is
I'mma ya grave
(Fino yo)
My havin' to grave
(Fino did it! )
For the Primrose Brothers, niggaz is darkside
Scary for the hell is bitches you gotta darkness
You wanna flow... take ya mind
Takin' I'm grave, overtime (come on! )
Zagga zagga zagga zagga zagga zagga zag
I'm afraid welcome revenge, is kick you bullets for the tag!

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