Do Lyrics

C'mon, C'mon
Boys and girl!
Ladies and gentleman!
And now deadly time!
[Verse One: Luke]
I'm stomach is dead, This help is the platter
It's the blood splatter, and slatter
and righting is the freak of hells!
Killin' of shoot, (come on!)
and doing help is a death trap
Now to dead up the crackers, is trackers
Not blackers, back to the enemy, (Hey, Hey!)
Give this of packers, sword with the run
Or begun me for the Primrose going for
Shot me for the Because to leave (Graveyard!)
Leave (Graveyard!) Or the leaving do, I'll kill me
Now or leave for the deep
For the blood if you crown they do this frozen
Do, Do! It's the frozen
Live, Strangler,
I like
All the behavior, and now to the graveyard
Not so or crave-yard
[Chorus: Mr. Krabs, Karim, Luke]
What's goin' on here, What's goin on here!
Primrose Class is or live, is the fear
What's goin on here, What's goin on here
Primrose Class shutin' to goin' wit the hear
[Verse Two: Brook]
Murders to the lived
It's kill for the horrible
A source on curtains
I'll you find to times through the terrible
That's and yummy, scary
Primrose Class tary,
It's the disappear or blacks, or like a tacks
For the darkness passed lies all the backs
For the
Need of water day
For the photos, take a shotos
What you rest me, gangsta botos
Now see for the crotos
Will the shittin' me ass
And now to the died, now is
To the rest said, ''make it or music and don't still hours''
The brotherhood enough, and now to the rough
Diggin' up gravy, and now to the mad
[Verse Three: Karim]
Now this Karim,
The party book, and brook
A kick plot werewolf
This terrible gangsterism
Come with me, a take this night well
For the knife
To the water death productions, couldn't take for
Mentally, a for dyin
With the deep, with the grave
With the knife I'm share to vyin
Photos a for the minute
Horror this trending now this three
With the Crazies
Goin' on with the park this house with the shadows
With the shadows
[Chorus] 2x

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