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On Fire
Peso Peso
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On Fire Lyrics

Drip, splash
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
TSF Mexico, Mexico, Mexico
Peso Peso, Peso Peso

(Oh my beats on fire)

My hitta sticked up, slidin around in a black Benz
In the trap house gettin packs in
I got shooters on the roof with MAC-10s
I just left the doctor and he told me that I have money all on my CAT scan
You're goddamn right I get a lot of racks in
Nigga play with my money them hittas gon hop out the black Benz
Whipped out with that carbon like who wanna play it
I just want money, I don't want sex
I slide with a Glock and I creep with a TEC
Hundred thousand on me while I sleep on a jet
Came from the bottom, I sleep with a chop
Nigga don't come correct then it's gon be a problem
I seen an opp in the hood, shot him
I ball like the Celtics, I might move to Boston
I'm drippin in Fendi, these niggas are friendly
I'm shootin the K till the clip is empty
Can't trust nobody these niggas thievin
If I feel like you playin, put two in your fitted
Every city that I go to I need real Percs and drank
I'm so high, I'm so fly, me and Guon recording in the air
Got a hundred thousand in the Louis bag
If he get too close, Imma shoot his ass
I got it out the mud, now I'm rich so I can't let nobody ruin that
Wasn't shit given to me, I had to earn it
I'm strapped up, I am not trynna touch em
I got twin Glocks, I don't need no mercy
I ball on niggas like I'm Russian
I just sold a brick in the back of the bag
These niggas more p*ssy than Cat in the Hat
In the trap sellin work with a strap in my lap
Try to reach for my chain I put two in your cap
They think that I'm Christian, I scoot up and bless them
Balenciaga drippin, these are not Sketchers
I'm cookin up work in the kitchen, just like a chemist, nigga just call me a professional
Lotta hoes on my phone, nigga, I got several
Kick the bitch out the spot cause she dry like a desert
Outside on your block with Glocks and chops and the car tailing me got TECs and Berettas
Run up a sack don't stop
Nigga, I ain't post no clock, come shop, we here
You can eat my dick if you niggas jealous
In the Maserati and I'm ridin careless
I got a shooter and he gonna shoot
I can't f*ck with these niggas, these niggas losers
I just hit a little foreign bitch she from Cuba
f*ck a 8 I need a cougar
Lil bitch thought she had to pay me no money, lil hoe you got that misconstrued
I'm in the club with my FN and my best friend, don't make me lose it

Drip, drip, splash
Peso Peso, Peso Peso
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh my beats on fire

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Record Label(s): 2020 The Sauce Familia Create Music Group Inc
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