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F.T.D.S Lyrics

[Intro: Peso Peso]
Peso, Peso, Peso, Peso, Peso
Ooh, Ooh

[Verse 1: Peso Peso]
All I know is go and run to the money (Run to the money!)
I'm from the slums, I trap in the jungle (I'm from the bottom!)
When I f*ck on them bitches, I don't come off nothin' (Nooo!)
I ain't paying for nails, I ain't paying for bundles (Nooo!)
My potnas in jail, I miss 'em, I love 'em (Free my brothers)
You broke den a bitch, need to get you a hustle
I got one in the head, I just up it and buss it (Blatt, blatt!)
If they tell me it's up then I'm puttin' 'em under
I jumped off the porch and I ran to the streets
We scoot up wit choppas, we spray out the jeep (Blatt!)
I'm runnin' up guap, we trap out the spot but when it get hot we breaking the lease (I gotta go!)
Niggas play like they bout it but these niggas weak
Don't call me for ounces, I'm just serving P's (Serving them pounds!)
Niggas hate on the squad but we know that they fraud (Lame)
We see 'em in person, we leaving 'em sleep (Blatt blatt!)
TSF bidness, I'm splashin', finessin' (Drip! Splash!)
I'm shooting the gun, I ain't passin' my weapon
I'm up it and buss it, I ain't asking no questions
I do what I want to, I got so much leverage
I'm the G-County slime wit the K
My killas pull up to wherever you stay
We'll come to your show and throw you off the stage
I trap in designer, your bitch give me face
If I heard that you tellin', you can't come around us (No!)
I been a gangsta ever since a minor (Yuh!)
I was carrying a gun, you was carrying a binder
Nowadays, I'm taking trips out to China
We be slidin' wit Glocks and totin' Berettas
S.I.P. Lulu, we scootin' forever
I'm done wit yo bitch cuz she ain't on my level
My youngins some demons, my youngins some devils
Try to kick in my do' you get hit wit a pole
Got shooters on the roof, get hit wit a scope
I'm shipping a pack that get mailed to yo do'
I was born in the trap, I would sleep on the flo'
My daddy sold crack and sometimes he would smoke
I swear I remember them times we was broke
And my mama, yea, she was nowhere to be found
By the age of eight, I was runnin' round town

Finessin' and trappin', I'm drippin' and splashin'
Finessin' and trappin', I'm drippin' and splashin'
Finessin' and trappin', I'm drippin' and splashin'
Finessin' and trappin', I'm drippin' and splashin'

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Songwriter(s): Peso Peso
Record Label(s): 2019 The Sauce Familia
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