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Under8ed Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I add homonyms to these ad hominems on social media when niggas question my confidence
I'm confident my competence got me these accomplishments
So stop it with the tryna diss ‘cause you are not stopping ish
I'm in my prime, fool, that makes me an optimist
Transform my damn form 'til that makes me the god of this
It's obvious that I'm oblovious to your [?]
I mean oblivious, you need to open your mind a bit
I'm Block Panther to trolls, that's my Wakanda bit
This my ‘What kind of shit you on?' and then I'll block you, prick
And stop with this “That's the reason O Savant ain't blowin'”
If O Savant ain't blowin', it's ‘cause O Savant ain't blowin'
I'm hip to industry politics, just a bunch of hoein'
So-called black kings kiss rings of the whites they owin'
I'm independent minded, buy is not a seller's game
Rather own a Ford than hold a Porsche in someone else's name
I built a shield for the future on skill and mastery
And speak blasphemy to the rap church of the Catholic priest
I'm not intimidated when it's stated I won't make it ‘cause I made a statement that maybe makes a legacy tainted
I already made it
I came in this world to innovate, I innovated
You follow trends, you don't get it, I don't live in the matrix
I rather be in my basement than jump back on the slave-ship just so they can make me famous
‘cause that's a true artist versus a capitalist whose validation comes from how much cash that he gets
Since when the masses become the barometer?
By that logic, bruh, Lil Nas X x'd out Nas, that's nuts
The population dumbed down so much they rob for Trump
See I'm intellectual, this is how you dissect stuff
Dr. Scott, Dr. Corn', I do a Dyson, bruh, minus the rhymes he does and all of the hype and fluff

[Verse 2]
A bunch of smoke and mirrors
Rappers get high, check their appearance
Can't stand what they see, it's apparent they so embarrassed
Instead of tryna share with they fare with a frickin' therapist, they depress the little children through lyrics
While I'm learning the cycle of life, where your inspiration needs your inspiration to summarize the whole equation
I preach love of the elders but y'all be tryin' my patience
You know I'm here for my people, kill your ego, let me save ‘em
O'hene Savant, independent and integration
No black-owned labels big enough had to create it
But old Gucci Versace niggas who had us thinkin' Lincoln with corporations would make us better stay complaining
Now they mad at a generation they wasn't raisin'
Everything that they are is ‘cause you never embraced ‘em
I traveled the nation and gave ‘em an education to teach syllable science outlining that kind of phrasing
And as for business, I'm aspiring to be Byron
My next couple moves in rhyming is my retirement
Sike, I'm lyin', I'm a tyrant, I terrorize the environment
The pirates lyin' in hidin', I blast the siren see
You can never do it how I do it
I can write a verse and I can make the music
I can chop a record, put piano to it
Hit the stu and queue it, nigga, listen to it
It'd be truly stupid, absolutely foolish to mistake a moment for a f*ckin' movement
I'm phenomenal with syllables, incredible, the kind of lyrical phenomenon that'll make a rapper get in the booth

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Songwriter(s): Kawann Shockley

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