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The Subway
O'hene Savant
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The Subway Lyrics

Verse 1:
Ever since I was a kid the subway's been a friend
We always used to ride but never thought of where it went
So many places for all the different faces
Different occupations and none in some cases
See there's a lady with a baby in a carseat
Who's headed home to discover what she thought see
The hood is buzzin' ‘bout this other woman and her husband
But what she doesn't know is that woman is her cousin
Then she'll discover that her lover doesn't really love her
Then she'll recall all the nights that he wouldn't touch her
Bein' a single mother's hard not enough pay
She got a rough day, from the subway

The subway
The subway

Verse 2:
Now there's a man in the seat right across from me
With a tyrant of a boss that be bossin' him
Extra hours yet the dollars don't be addin' up
He's had it up to, let's just say that he's had enough
He had a rough couple days see his mama passed
And time had passed for utilities on top of that
His pockets flat so the job he has gotta last
He barely made it on his train, someone dropped a pass
But what he doesn't know is later he'll be comfortable
As he's discovered by the owner of the company yo
Who visited as a shopper, wasn't dressed proper
He'll treat him best, got the best ride from him

The subway
The subway
Verse 3:
See there's a teen in the space right in front of me
Headin' home to a place she don't wanna be
She has a father that's abusive feelin' like it's foolish
To tell the school is useless, hidin' all the bruises
Playin' music I can't hear what she's listenin' to
It's difficult plus this train keeps shiftin' too
And just imagine that it's me with this song I'm writin'
Even though I just started, she's gonna like it
‘cause I'ma tell her that her daddy's ‘bout to be in jail
You see her teacher this time doesn't believe she fell
And she don't have to be scared ‘cause daddy's upstate
And granny wants you by her place after the subway

The subway
The subway

Verse 4:
Now there's a guy on the train seein' everything
Just observin', he rides the train everyday
His destination's not apparent, he kinda rides
Formin' stories in this thing that's behind his eyes
You watch him cry and sometimes you watch him smile
All depends on events from inside his house
He's jottin' down everything even ugly parts
It's therapeutic even though now it's becoming harsh
See what he's come to know is this ride gets hard
And when he gets off someone else gets on
Someone that reads what he wrote maybe one day
He'll write as well finding tales on the subway

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Songwriter(s): Kawann Shockley
Record Label(s): O hene Savant
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