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N Word
O'hene Savant
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N Word Lyrics

[Verse 1]
23rd & Nicholas
"That's my stop," she said, I remember this
In a hurry as she gathers her bags
Her baby wipes fall to the floor, she's snatching it back
For me, I'm thinking I'm just here to lend a hand
To these kids and their mother who was obviously mad
Mumbling about something that had to do with their dad
I just got on this bus, I really don't understand
I see this other dude tryna bite his tongue
'til he blurts out, “Yeah bitch, and that's why you dumb”
He stands up, someone yells, “I'ma call the cops”
Raises his hand to the sky as he calls her “thot”
I'm standing in between the two, I want it all to stop
The kids crying, I'm consoling 'em, we on the block
I see dude back up, his eyes bigger
Somebody got on the bus with a gun, she said, “Now what? That's my ni**a”

Damn, she said, “That's my ni**a”
I watched the dude looked kinda scared
She said, “That's my ni**a”
Everybody on the bus duckin'
She said, “That's my ni**a”
I'm like, “What did I get myself into?”
My ni**a

[Verse 2]
She's been sick for a minute, I do overtime hours
Every now and then after work I bring her flowers
I know it ain't much but it seems to give her power
As the days go by, I watch her flesh get devoured
They say she needs treatment, but I can't afford it
The truth hurts my soul, but I can't avoid it
I can only smile nowadays, hanging with my boy
In the studio but of late we both found employment
He's barely around and man, I can't call it
I need my music therapy to get my mind off it
Can't tell you how much it hurts to hear my aunt nauseous
Got half the money but we running out of time on it
I'm at the job talking, I see my guy walk in
He had a bag and he said, “Look inside, dawg, it's
The other half of the money you was tryin' get up"
I broke down in tears, that's my ni**a

I'm tellin' ya, man, I woulda never raised that money
It's my ni**a
You shoulda seen my face
It's my ni**a
And all this time, I'm thinking you avoiding me
My ni**a
That's my ni**a

[Verse 3]
I'm surrounded by greenery, as far as the scenery
The forest is thick, hostile, kinda mean to me
Wildlife seemingly screams at me
That's ok ‘cause I know where I need to be
My bags is light, so is my stomach, which is perfect for running
My sandals ready just in case I hear ‘em coming
I can't believe I done it, on the way to paradise
My parents are wrong, I couldn't heed their advice
If there is life, I wanna know what it feels like
I don't wanna be a prisoner until I die
That's when I hear a voice in the forest
A bunch of pale faces surround me on horses
Say, “Boy, what'chu doing? And where the hell you think you going?”
I can't believe it, my escape to freedom has been ruined
They beat me, whipped me, and put me in a noose
Tied my arms so tight, I feel my shoulder coming loose
They raise me by the oak as I choke
My eyes bloody and closed but ears hear somebody approach
And just as my spirit drifts up
I hear massa say, “Dammit, cut him down, that's my ni**a!”

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Songwriter(s): Kawann Shockley
Record Label(s): 2020 O hene Sav nt Multi media LLC
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