Faxtz Lyrics (feat. Slime Dollaz)

[Intro: Slime Dollaz]
No, hold on, this ain't that type of party
I just came to dance for y'all, that's all
Slatt, hold up, slatt
Blatt, slatt, blatt, I was like

[Verse 1: Slime Dollaz]
We know you not built like that, why you actin' like that?
Everybody stannin' Slime 'cause he got a cobra on his head
And she said she don't understand my rhymes
Well, I hope you understand
Guns on me like the Navy, baby, I be blastin'
Pluto got all types of lean, Jupiter got all types of weed
You like double cups, you just like me, you can be my wifey
My brother told me to come down 'cause I been [?] on [?]
I was like, "Bro, these niggas are [?]"
I was like, "These niggas really are punks"
I was like, "These niggas don't want war"
'Cause I keep me a big Tommy gun
I just took y'all heads and stomachs
I just made his mama vomit (Ew)
Have you ever seen an angel cry when his death hurts?
And I'm Sneaky Shooter, baby, I put niggas on a T-shirt
I be fresh as hell, just call me Slime [?], uh
And I love ridin' 'round with .223s, uh
And that chopper singin' just like it's a chorus
And I told my girl, when I hit it, bro, I be bored
You see me flexin', uh
But I can't [?]
But we can't talk about that 'cause I know these kids be listenin'
And I cannot beef on no computer [?]
Them niggas tryna hit me with that motherf*ckin' RICO
[Verse 2: NGeeYL]
I was the first nigga whackin' in designer, put you on it
Lot of niggas say they want beef
Nigga, I promise you don't want that
Slime [?], y'all little niggas don't [?]
I got a little dime hittin' my phone
She ready for me to come break her back
These niggas, they say that they comin' to get me
Well, nigga, where the f*ck you at?
Got so many racks that I play [?]
Shawty say, "Goddamn, [?], where the f*ck your feelings at?"
[?], nigga
Blue cheese, you can keep all that ranch
All of this damn ice on me
Ice on my damn neck, that avalanche
I know my ex bitch in her feelings 'cause I done ran up them racks
When I pop that Perc', nigga, that's my best feeling, better watch your neck
And I know the worst killers
I put this money on your head, they gon' be at your neck (SSet, SSet, SSet)

[Outro: NGeeYL]
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