Away From The Sun
Last Emperor


Away From The Sun Lyrics

[Verse 1]
If you in a quiet place turn your lights down low
Listen close to the voice on your radio show
Now you vocally, unknowingly chose to be invaded by a mystery man you don't know
I play the role, of the life rearranger
Mysterious style with a smile that hides anger
Women are attracted, despite the danger
The wanna play Madonna to this beautiful stranger
It's like that, coming right back in control again
Into my trap, the fly honey's fall again
I love kindle, you get swindled, by the Charlatan
Who brings romance like a Harlequin
Authorities hunting me down for years
From every city I leave a trail of tears
If you scared? You should be afraid my dears
Stay away from the magician who never reappears, cause yo

Oh, oh no oh they got me on the run
Away from the sun, the sun the sun

[Verse 2]
I stroll into town like the high-blaze drifter
Mental weight lifter, animal shape-shifter
Old folks and young man, kids say: "Hey Mister"
Bumped into Ms. Fortune, had a date with her
We sang love songs and hiphop tunes
That night by the light of the silvery moon
To pass the time I kick rhymes, the sun came up soon
And gave rise to one of the warmest days in June
But ever since, my heart was gunned down
I swore I'd never settle myself in one town
So I patiently waiting for the sun to go down
To take to the street like Frankenstein unbound
And move too-and-fro, soft and slow
No matter how bad I wanna stay I gots to go
I turned a still life portrait to a picture show
And when I leave they be crying: "How I miss him so", and I know


[Verse 3]
For Him, love and hate are interwoven
The beast within there is no controling
Out on a limb got your heart stalling
You stood their crying and I kept on rolling
You alienated yourself from your family and friends
I skated and skipped town with all of your ends
So when the love commenced I broke down your defence
Overpowered, devoured by the beast called revenge
Yes revenge, is all that I want
Cause some foul woman broke my heart once
Until my wounds heal I'll feel that I'm cursed
To do the same thing to women all over this earth
I know some woman can't see what I'm after
Some woman even welcome this attacker
Try to escape but they even fell faster
Under the spell of the lonely heart jacker

[Chorus x2]


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