Secret Wars Ii
Last Emperor


Secret Wars Ii Lyrics

What if I had the power to gather all of my favorite MCs
With the illest comic book characters and make them arch enemies?
Inconcievable? Unbelievable? Yet as wild as it seems
The Emperor and Stan Lee would coach the two opposing teams
What if I took my love for hip-hop and comics and made it equal
And gave the people Secret Wars Part Two the long awaited sequel
An animated hip-hop grudge match, I'll make it lethal
How would my favorite rappers perform in the face of evil?
I'd take the RZA from Wu-Tang, yes the Rzarector
Versus Captain America, our nation's oldest protector
Of homeland security, the top defender, top Avenger
He gets dropped and injured when raw hip-hop commences
Now it gets critical when Bobby Digital crosses Captain America
Perhaps the Red Skull would have to jump in it too
But the RZA was too nimble, the Red Skull licked off shots to hit him
RZA then launches the Wu symbol into the New York skyline
Timed the Red Skull, get blown apart by the Ghostface Killah alias Tony Starks
AKA Iron Man, Ghost Deini the scientist
The top contender what other Wu members could I enlist?
Who's next to die in this?
I would take Masta Killa and Golden Arms versus Power Man and Iron Fist
Imagine Blade the black hunter of vampires
goin after DMX the dog from the Ruff Ryders (RRRRR...)
I mean there's no tellin how they might react, I've seen how X can bite the track
Would Blade be afraid or fight and then leave with his life intact?
Yo Blade, I think you got me wrong, I ain't that type of cat
And if you're tryin' to step to the dog I'll have to bite you back
I saw DMX break him apart, take him apart
He played with the art, I saw X drive a stake through his heart
Another mission accomplished, X came, saw and he conquered
Buried Blade's body in a shallow graveyard in Yonkers
Imagine after seein X puttin in work
watch in the ring, you'll see the illest pitbull in a skirt
Reppin' the double R, the first lady from Philly, Eve y'all
Versus David Banner's amazon cousin called the She-Hulk
Jump in the ring and starts swingin I see punches, they're movin in and out
Two femme fatales engaged in a cage match, two woman bout
A lot of female rap is played but not Eve
They done got Eve knockin chickens out like Leila Ali
Then I see the She-Hulk hits the canvas, Stan Lee now gets embarrassed
So his plan is to summon Sub-Mariner from Atlantis
Far due to include ATL in this war
It's foolishness, I just get Ludacris to settle the score
In any bout or brawl you're about to fall
I spit alcohol, a drowned person named Moore
Actually he's no match for me I put him to sleep
you need to see and then came Thor
Ludacris and the mighty Thor, the battle I chose
Had Thor swingin' his hammer while Cris was throwin' 'em bones
He sent Thor back to Valhalla, made Sub-Mariner sea-sick
Scores a victory for hip-hop plus the DTP clique, uh
My battle-rappin is war, my raps is hardcore
Imagine the Roc-A-Fella camp versus the Fantastic Four
As I get deep with it, Marvel Comics street lyrics
As we proceed with it, Jay-Z versus Reed Richards
Imagine Mr Fantastic and Hova goin' at it, Jigga spits like an automatic
Click click click, it's over damn it
Any static from Human Torch, y'all know the procedure
Send a message to Young Memphis, he'll go and defeat him
Am easy, believe me Johnny callin' my name out, come with it
I spit it real cool and I'm puttin' your flame out, uh
Remember Memphis, Secret Wars is a critical world
Where rappers disappear like a meal in the invincible girl
But let's not forget Benjamin J. Grimm
now what kind of rapper could Roc-A-Fella get to slay him?
I mean, who would step inside the ring
who would have the right to swing
Enough muscle and might to bring? Beanie Sigel fights the Thing!
Imagine Beanie and Ben Grimm goin spit for spit
Beanie Sigel and The Thing going brick for brick
Now what I saw was the board get gully
He messed around and got knucked out by the Broad Street bully
But yo we got a slight problem as the Hobgoblin glides in
I see him droppin' bombs on the crowd
So I'll just have to get Freeway with the buckshot
he shot him, firing, knockin him down
Ow, Reppin the city of Philly back to the ring when I'm distracted by Joey Crack
Fat Joe knocks out the Kingpin
The Kingpin thought that he could extort Don Cartagena
But not in this terrordome, this is Terror Squad's arena
And there's a lot of room for these rappers that I produced
Keith Murray came home in a hurry to box Dr Doom
My miscellaneous instantaneous battle techniques will leave him scarred
Courtesy of the Death Squad and LOD
Let's see the crowd's reaction from action, turn up the lights
No doubt it's hype from all these rappers in my house tonight
But live via satellite look who's about to fight:
From the Brick City it's the Outsidaz versus Alpha Flight
The Jersey regulators, Young Zee versus Vindicator
Rah Digga took out Snowbird with words that she served and then she slayed her
And later Asis and Slangtongue with their pattern of rhymin'
Kick back to back freestyles that took out Puck and the Shaman
The Outs tore it down like they're doin' on tour
Pace1 punched out the Sasquatch and yelled "I declare war"
Now it seems World War 3 is in progress
Of course the Punisher would target the leader from Onyx
Yeah, Sticky Fingaz, I kill rappers while holdin' my gat
That means I slam the Punisher and put a hole in his back
You know how I act, what up, try and look, let's see
He's finished, I'm in it to win it for the USG
As you can see there's no casualties on my team
Me versus Stan Lee is more like "man vs machine"
I've seen Xzibit from the West flyin' in
Versus Colossus, X-Man with the iron skin
Xzibit suckerpunched the rushin' knocked the thing
There's no choice in my arena, it's either die or win, but then
This is all that happens if heroes target rappers
Then wouldn't Matt Murdoch be going after Marshal Mathers
Would Eminem then use the Daredevil for target practice
Slim Shady maybe Ben Affleck catch record then cause disaster
Somebody find a gurdy, I'm'a stretch then blind the turdy
Bury him alive and burn him, tell D12 he tried to earn me
Now this certainly serves as a hideous mixed win
I call D12 to fight the Insidious Six and
This fight music produces bumps and bruises as the
Scorpion and Rhino fight Kuniva and Proof
Swifty McVeigh slayed Mysterio on his illusions
Kon Artis gave the Chameleon some minor contusions
Then I heard this loud sound at first I thought was a bomb
No you idiot! It's just Bizarre versus the Blob
They went and took the belt from a battle I felt they insured
Back to the 8 Mile where it's wild and held it down for Detroit
Now as the time went out, Stan Lee is checkin' the clock
There's room for one last battle, let's see if y'all feel me or not
My ultimate tag-team would be like Biggie and Pac
Stan Lee would get the Black Panther to team up with Juggernaut
Biggie snatched off his helmet, threw it to a fan in the audience
Turned to the crowd (uh) and said: So all be sure give that man a warning
Cuz I'm'a fought'em this is real my performance
I'm the, weed smoke helps my endurance
Yeah Big, still reppin blocks in BK
I say one of the best who was ever destined to rock
Rhyme sayer and slayer of Xavier's brother Juggernaut
But now let's not forget the Black Panther and Pac
Holla if ya hear me, superheroes is tryin' to kill me
The son of a panther to slam ya, ride with me
It's Stan Lee, I'm sure you remember me, even in death my words leave a legacy
Two hip-hop titans and giants at war when they died
In the afterlife standin' together, fightin' side by side
From Marvel to DC to Dark Horse to Image
Bear witness the power of hip-hop, there are no limits
To all worthy opponents, heroes, challengers, contenders
These are the Last Emperor's Secret Wars, I'm finished

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