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Yo Silkk
Yo Chris
I was just thinking man
If I was Dr Dre what the f*ck would I say man?
(What would I say?)
I really ain't got shit to say
(Nothing to prove)
3 empires
Biopic of the century
(No debate)
Billion dollar business deals
(Y'all seen it)
I'd probably say some shit like this right here

[Verse 1]
f*ck it, let's do it then
Will I change music again
That depends on what mood I'm in
I can f*ck the game raw
Smooth without using lubricant
Til it give birth to a new class of music you niggas students in
They all wonder about that Doc shit
What is it that he on?
Is it rock shit?
Jump in a mosh pit like the Kings of Leon
Nah nigga, it's my shit
Only thing I'mma be on is whatever I wanna hear me on
That hot shit
The same shit you know me for
The same shit these bitches blow me for
Even that lonely whore that you thought was only yours
I'm on the same shit I was on before
On the court
Doing it for the block
Emeka Okafor
I got the club leaning
Like it's a drug fiend
And I got the thugs squeezing on they snub thinking
About they upbringing
When I'm upspeaking
About that Compton life
We doing it for the dollars
Nigga f*ck sleeping
Speaking on sleeping
You're sleeping on the biggest threat
Til I got your body of work bleeding on the internet
I'm sick as an emphysema patient
Blowing smoke through the hole in his throat
Chiefing on a cigarette
Even though it's in his neck
No other way to say this nigga
You f*cking with the greatest nigga
I disappear for a minute
And I got that quiet hush money
Now shut the f*ck up and pay this nigga
I'm back
If I was Dre I'd say some shit just like that
(Just like that)
Let these niggas know
You can't f*ck with me, man
(Never could)
And then I say some shit like this

[Verse 2]
Soon as they heard my footsteps
Niggas start ducking and the button ain't even pushed yet
Bitches heard I was coming back
And it made they puss wet
I ain't even tied up my chucks or lit up the kush yet
I ain't even told my adoring public
That I got something for 'em
Hardcore and rugged
And of course they gonna love it
And of course I'm regulatin' like Nate
Getting that paper like Warren Buffett
If it ain't about paper, it's a foreign subject
I'm pouring buckets of champagne
Black bottles nigga
Toast to God
I'm music
I'm black Apollo nigga
I laid the blueprints
You rappers have to follow
It's my shoe print I left behind to guide the path for all you niggas
So I don't care what your people sold
He couldn't keep his soul
Sold it for a piece of gold
The billboard is calling me Grim Reaper
Because I put the album charts in a sleeperhold
When I switch into ether mode
Getting money before you could read and write
I count it in the dark cause I get it faster than the speed of light
All you got is rapping
I be on my Phil Jackson
I keep winning without the bullshit
And I don't even need a mic
But if it's on then it's on
It's that Don Dada shit
What if Capone did a song
It's that Godfather
Park in the top
This Impala rockin' wallabees
Walk in the top
On my Rockwilder shit
I'm back Cali
Yeah, I'd say some shit like that (real talk)
If I was Dr Dre I'd say some shit just like that
I'd say you niggas couldn't see a picture of me man (not at all)
Only competition is in the mirror
That's the only real talk
And then you know what I'd say before I leave?

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