Shoppin Lyrics

(Dat be Maaly Raw)

Used to play my man's phone 'cause I needed some cash, (Yeah)
I was saving for a squallor, wanted this Park Ave, (Yeah)
I was stealing niggas' plays, yeah I'm taking his trap, (Real talk)
Yeah that shit might be purple, but I know it ain't that, (Real talk)
Every time I leave my block, something pullin' me back, (Yeah)
All these bitches do is leech, I ain't falling wit' that, (Yeah)
I'm just tryna stay discrete, put my moves in effect, (Let's do it)
I've been out here on my own since I flew from the nest, (Let's do it)
No matter what we go through I hope Coop get it next, (Yeah)
Look around my way, there's only like a few of us left, (Yeah)
Grandma frustrated, she was too much in debt, (Yeah)
Grandma had a stroke, going through it and stressed, (I mean that)
We ain't talk in a while but I love you to death, (Yeah)
Used to send my link out, telling niggas I'm next, (For real)
They was all nonchalant, wouldn't give me a chance, (I mean that)
Mitsubishi the Galant floatin', selling them grams, (I mean that)
Gotta keep it fishbowl so the cops can see in, (Yeah)
Niggas shooting over nothing, it be hot out my end, (Over nothing)
Free Don, I can't let my boy rot in that bitch, ([?])
Give it time, all those bitches gon' hop on my dick, (For real)
Half of them was already on it, flock for the kid, (Let's do it)
I'm a grown man, gotta stay on top of my shit, (Yeah, yeah)
Soon as Maaly touch down, man we lockin' right in, (Yeah, yeah)
If they get it for the low, then we shoppin' with them (For real, 3Xs)

And we shoppin, and we shoppin, and we shoppin
There it is (Yeah, Yeah)
And we shoppin, and we shoppin, and we shoppin
There it is (Yeah) There it is (Yeah)
And we shoppin

High out my mind but I'm stayin' on point, (Yeah)
In Chicago turned up, lost my voice, (Yeah)
Day before that, killed the stage in Detroit, (Yeah)
You can always catch Kur blazing a joint, (Real talk)
Years back, stressed out, saving them coins (Wow)
I ain't holding back, man I'm taking it to 'em (Never)
Said I wouldn't change, but this paper'll do it (Change)
Look at it as a blessin', steady making this music (Blessin')
I needed some correctin' and I made a improvement (Correctin')
We all got neglected, man we came from the sewer (Neglected)
Every time I talk to Don, man I help him get through it (Don!)
What you think about? A dollar. I ain't chasin' no whore, ([?])
Shit, I know the real reason why they ain't on Kur, (Yeah)
Cause I came up and niggas can't call me poor, (Real talk)
Got my clout up so niggas won't call me boul, (Yeah)
Shrimp and scallop Alfredo got me full, (Let's do it)
Remember all those bum bitches at my old high school? (Yeah)
Used to try to treat a nigga like he not that boul, (Let's do it)
Man, all these niggas frontin', they don't got no pull, (Let's get it)
Ain't from round here and he hustlin', so they shot that boul, (I mean that)
Don called said he need me, and I got that for him, (I got you)
Anytime I had a problem, he was right there for me, (Yeah)
I was quite for a minute, had to pop back on 'em, (Well, well, well, well)

And we shoppin (Yeah), and we shoppin, (well, well, well, well)
And we shoppin
There it is (Yeah, Yeah)
And we shoppin (yeah), and we shoppin, and we shoppin
There it is (Yeah) There it is (Yeah)
And we shoppin

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Record Label(s): 2017 7947 Records, LLC & Entertainment One U S , LP
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