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In The Dark
King Iso
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In The Dark Lyrics

(Iso, where you at?)
(Iso, where you at?)
(Iso, where you at?)
(Aight I'ma walk you over)

Ay, how the f*ck we doing tonight?
Y'all drinking? I'm drinking
Y'all mo'f*ckas ready?
When I say "brain", you say, "sick"

Last night I had a dream that I was faded...
All a nigga ever wanted was to make it...
Last night I had a dream that I was famous
I woke up to guards rattling my cage

[Verse 1:]
I swore to you that you were like my notepad
Mutilate and using razors, dad was feeling so bad
Beefing with my mama feeling like I would have no dad
"Solo for life" into my own skin I really wrote that
Mentally abusive, I grew up and would hold back
Everything I'm thinking to the point where is my dome at
Started out poetically and then a nigga wrote raps
And I drunk without any outlets, if I could go back
Then I might have had a chance of me finding me
Talking about my soul 'cause I know God's hiding this
I don't wanna die slow but why don't this time exist
Thinking with a blindfold then find hoes I'm blinded with
Women I confided in, money that I'm try'na spend
With 'em and I'm broke man get like love I'ma trip
Love is only how self can define this shit
With that said pick a side of friends
It was written like a hieroglyph
And f*ck a nine to five I feel like Pac back in '96
Right inside the whip before he ride the strip
Now picture me rolling the finest spliff
Pardon me y'all I'm high and shit, time to spit
Why do we die to get, accepted by the lifestyles and try to fit
In wherever we can even if we do not like the shit
Tell me that's what suicidal is, y'all really die for this
I did like twice, my net gateway drug tried to sick
LQ I tried to sip, weed now I'm liking this
Popped a pill I'm for real hood homies like ya dick
Fourteen years old like blood how many lines I sniff?
p*ssy got thrown my way, f*ck it I'm diving in all of this
Cause I was lonely, f*ck I insist, look at the crimes I did
Now I sit all alone 'cause I ain't want to; how ironic life can get
Last night I had a dream that I was faded
All a nigga ever wanted was to make it
Last night I had a dream that I was famous
I woke up to guards rattling my cage

[Verse 2]
Half of my mind is in heaven, half of my mind is in Hell
Grabbing one side is the devil, grabbing one side is Tarrel
Maybe my conscious unconscious and I'll just side with myself
Maybe my luck running dry and I need to dive in the well
Maybe the ones in my life the reason my life isn't well
Touching my face in the mirror to keep reminding myself
Just to be free on the inside like the bibles in jail
I put my life in these bars like twenty-five with an L
Sitting inside of this cell, losing the sight of a will
But if I die then he bail, I'm still inside of myself
Come out yo mind I'm compelled, to feel the fire and melt
Like I decided to weld, a jail inside of a jail
And I never really got any mail, just write a rhyme I could yell
'Cause I ain't got nothing else, I guess I'm writing myself
Too busy riding with autos not enough light in myself
Like Angus Malcom and Bon guess I'm on the highway to hell
When you're a lonely child you know your mind didn't dwell
Feel like you're voiceless, heartless, and spineless as well
Assuming hatred was human nature in my liquid hell
I'm mutilated decayed and dated the time I was twelve
My mama prolly was fed up like what's the problem with 'rell
Feel like I didn't have anyone, that's why I would rebel
No biological pops so I identified with myself
A decade later I'm solitary inside of a cell
(Mister Gulledge, wake up. Breakfast time)
f*ck we got today, man?
Ay, you forgot my milk, man
Ay! Ay, CO! Ay!

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Songwriter(s): King Iso
Record Label(s): 2016 Brainsick Musick
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