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Nike 2
Kenny Mason
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Nike 2 Lyrics

Yeah yeah, yeah
Running through the stage with all my dogs, yeah
Running through the stage witcha
Running on stage with all my dogs, yeah

HBD the G.O.A.T
Walk through A3C with smoke
Told them hoes at 22
One day they'd see me as
Omega-9 to the game
Megamind with the brain
Tell em my niggas strays
Finna fly with the wings
Big BI-39
Ever since knee-high, see I
Wanted to be like T.I
Joe G.I., V9s on
Scotty, here try the clique
Get your body hit by these clips
Drop that .22, in a few
I might dive in the audience
I might ride with the rowdiest
But my mind's on the positive
Pray that I see my momma rich
Birds can't fly like my doggies can
In the sky, if he talking shit
It's gon' side I might lock him in
Way too pipe, ain't no clogging it
Okay tight, let's get started then
I go hard for my woes, I get hard for these hoes
The Mozart of the four, I got more heart than a stroke
Throwing darts at my goals, it's like my target's a bowl
I'm in Target and Kohl's, 'cause I still bargain for clothes
I might rock what I wrote, but I still polish the flow
Without a mop and I glow, without a spark in my globe
It's not a thought, 'cause I know, I told you I'm the new Hov
But I think not anymo', yeah I think now they want more
They like the energy
I won't show no mercy for an enemy
Urban legend on the paper trail, I been the king
Air Forces, nigga I don't got no 23s
But I'm still the king, sprint with me
Running, in and out the 6
Running like a sprint
Have him running, if he run his lips
Run him like a bitch
And I'm sitting in another Benz
Parked like 106
Like a thot, we still on some shit
Y'all don't wanna miss
Doing well, bitch I'm doing well
Writing to Adele
Do a deal, roll it, and we deep
Turning to a well
Doing well, but we still in hell
Stealing out the Shell
Lost my shelter, [??]
Weighing out the scale, ayy
Bet, I love this shit, I practice it now I'm the best
I pick up speed by accident just like a wreck
Who made the beat? Okay, that's me and David X
What's on my feet? A f*ckin' check
While I'm running in front of them, fronting it
Juggling fumbles
While I'm thumbing them hundreds
Money still coming in bundles
I'm not one of them, none of them
Wanna get what I get, hustle
I'm too dominant, ominous
I'm in this shit forever
Now these niggas know we go stupid
Niggas gon' reach like rulers
But them bitches won't reach the future
'Cause I'm picking up speed like Uber, dog
Even though we with shooters
Nigga, run up on me, I'm shooting
Super booted up like new shoes
I'm choosing only if they got swooshes, dog

Yeah yeah, yeah
Running through the stage with all my dogs, yeah
Running through the stage witcha
Running on stage with all my dogs, yeah

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Songwriter(s): Kenny Mason

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