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Ayy, walk through the ghetto to talk to the devil
Gun in my pocket, it might be a set-up
I got some commas in, I could get wet up
I got the common sense not to get led on
I got the common sense not to get settled
f*ck who at the top 'cause your spot can sat on
She come through the spot so that twat can get spat on
She knew I had it on lock with no hat on
I done been heartbroken, shot at and shat on, dodgin' my shadows
I like it grungy, my sonics was shadows
Don't miss the point 'cause you followin' arrows
Don't miss the point 'cause you watchin' the points
Don't disappoint me, I'm watchin' yo' errors
Glock in the whip and I'm ridin' to Clairo
When I thumb thе clip, it's like Arnold and Gerald
Real hеat, Robert De Niro, I want dinero
Started from here on, f*ck every officer, sergeant, and sheriff
That got any metal, my swag heavy metal
My bag carry metal, I walk with the angels through shadowy meadows
You talkin' to strangers, that's how you get shut up
You bought all them bangers a chain 'cause you scared of 'em
No, you not the one to step like Ciara
Only thing y'all need to check is the mirror
You reckless, niggas ain't gon' check if you serious
I'm the best and all the checks finna mirror it
f*ck the press, when playin' chess, no cheerin'
I up a level every month like a miracle
I don't give a f*ck if this shit ain't lyrical
I don't give a f*ck if this shit ain't radio
I don't give a f*ck, nigga, it's spiritual
Oh, shit, huh
Haha, oh, shit
Hahaha, hahaha

You gon' do that shit? Ho, then do that shit, it's alright
If I choose a fit, bet my tooly fit, it's alright
I get rude as shit, I get moody, bitch, it's alright
I run through this shit 'til my zoomies end, it's alright
It's like, "Ayy" (Up), up (Up), up, it's alright (Three)
Drew a pic and my jeweler jeweled a pitt and it's all bite
Groupies diggin' my crew like goonies, kick this shit all night
New dimensional fusions, fuel this shit, I give off light

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Songwriter(s): Kenny Mason, SKUFL
Record Label(s): 2022 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
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