Mehgan Teherani Lyrics

Solo shit here, yo, yo

(Chorus by D-Ward)
There's the girl that I like
Now more than every she gives me butterflies
And all I wanna do is look into her eyes
And she if she loves me like I love those thighs
She's the girl of my dreams
But sometimes it seems like it will never be
All I want is to make her love me
And maybe one day she'll wanna f**k me

(Verse 1)
If God exist, why am I pissed?
If she wants me, then what the shit?
Mehgan you have no idea what you mean
But everytime I approach you, you act so mean
Like bitch what the f**k?
I cant tell what the f**k's up
But f**k it, you know I'm in love
Wont even ever give me a hug
But I'm always there to give you a rub
Baby, call me up and maybe we can hook up
After that, maybe f**k

(Chorus 2x)

(Verse 2)
Your so damn positive
Bitch I'm always negative
I hate the f**king world
I hate every baby and every kid
I wanna shoot some shit
And nuke some shit
But here you are, goddammit I love you bitch
I wont call you a bitch, but you always bitch
Like shit, the f**k you expect from me bitch?
f**k it, I f**king hate you bitch

(chorus 2x)

(Verse 3)
Oh my God
I dont know what's gotten into me
Mehgan Teherani, I love you
You mean everything to me
I'll f**king sing if it makes you happy
I'll kill or die for you girl, even kill your Papi
Your daddy, that motherf**ker givin me problems
Tell that motherf**ker, to f**k off and buy one
He needs a slut, otherwise he'll f**kin rape you
And I dont want that shit
He only says "BITCH I HATE YOU"
I wanna f**king mate with you
So lets leave this city
We can go somewhere and f**k like P. Diddy

(Chorus 4x)

Mehgan Teherani,
I love you girl remember that
But shit girl, if you aint gonna f**k, then you need to f**k off
Word to your dad and your f**king mom

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