What's My Name Lyrics

Call me Spyda, cuz I'll delight ya
Talkin mad noise then I'll fry ya
Rollin in the hood? Nah you's a liar
You a motherf**ker with a motherf**kig friar
It aint like no damn priest, tellin me to get off Denise
His daughter bitch in hot water, a cow to slaughter
Readin worthless books like Harry Potter
And I got a potty ass motherf**king mouth
You know niggas like me in tha dirty south
You know niggas got skills in my crowd
Turn the f**kin beat down that shit's too loud
And I roll up on a ho, slap her in the face
yo and hello
Help yourself to some motherf**king crow
And give me my dough, then get the f**k out tha door

(Dirty Box)
Jesus man, these weak ass rhymes
Wastin all my motherf**kin time

The f**k you want nigga? Huh? The f**k you want nigga?

What's my name bitch? Say my f**kin name trick
What's my name ho? Say my f**kin name yo
What's my name slut? What's my name huh?
What's my name? Say my name

(Da Sorcerer)
I'm an instigatin nigga got no triggers
Got no guns, got no huns, got no niggas
Got no hoes, got no dough, got no bros
Got no money, got no honey, got none so I runnin
I aint worth a shit, but I'll work this
Cuz I need paper more than I need Slick Rick
I need a bitch who likes to suck dick
And wont be afraid to give it a little lick
It aint little, nigga it's biggle, duece bigolo male gigolo
I said what's my f**kin name ho?

What the hell is my name? And what's my game
I dont play games, I play with trains
Nigga I get brain, from other niggas in jail
My mama aint payin no damn bail, bitch go to hell
And I hope you well when you tellin me this shit
I aint tryina be a nitwit sayin weak shit
I'm tryina be a nigga like that one nigga
What's his name? Jermaine Dupri nigga
Short as hell, nah that nigga is shorter
And nothin rhymes with shorter, so I take you to tha
Lord of the Rings, and the Prisoner of Azk
Chasin down you niggas with my motherf**kin ax
And ax your ass and give you a hax
You payin the f**kin tax, you got gas
Too f**kin bad your ass wont last

(Dirty Box)
Jesus Christ nigga, bringin them weak rhymes
You wastin my motherf**kin time

What you want NIGGUH? Yo what you want nigga?


I may not, I may should, I may could
f**k you up the ass like I'm type of gay dude
I aint dude, your ass gets sprayed dude
No what that shit mean? motherf**kin nigga like you
I say nigga like it's my last name?
Guess what nigga? Nigga IS my last name
Dominique you a nigga, 'Nique you's a nigga
In the dirty south they say "You's a nigger!"

I'm no god damn high, I'm a god damn bi
Not a sexual I just like that healin feelin
Make me wanna jerk it off till the foreskin is peelin
I'm reelin like I got a fish at the end of string
Aint nothin but a god damn weddin ring
f**k weddings, I aint engaged to no ho
I'm rollin like an Outlaw like Bo
What the hell is my name nigga?

(Crooked Ed)
No one gives a f**k about your name
That shit makes me go insane
So f**k your f**kin name
Just play the f**kin game

(MC Casino)
Guest appearences aint nothin new
Niggas like you I saw at my old school
And I'm old school, like the D.O.C
I got one mic like Nas, annoyin voice like Eazy-E
I got California Love like Tupac, Dre and it's crazy
f**k the world, I'm tryin to f**k Jay-Z
I dont play the keyboard like Andre I'm like Hailey
Who the f**k wants to get some of that hennesy
Pour it out body shots like a killer bee, from the Wu
The Tang and thats all great, but I'm f**kin up shit
Before I wet my tongue I spit
What's my name give that shit another hit

(Dirty Box)
Holy Jesus, nigga these weak ass rhymes
Nigga you know this wastin my time

Well what the hell you want nigga? What the hell you want nigga?


(Dirty Box)
Haha Oh my Gizod, I'm bout to flizoss
You think I'm done nigga thats a rip off
I aint got a chance to flow and my dick's off
Forizzle my nizzle fa shizzle smokin rizzle
The gizzle shooting out nigga it's cumizzle
Into the vagizzle where it orgizzles
The baby comes out f**ked up and skizilled
f**kin bizzle you wastn bein for shizzle
I'ma pull out the gunizzle and get tha killizzle
I got give a f**kizzle if I go to prizzle
Eat my dick motherf**ker, f**k you nizzles

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Motherf**kin Kash Killaz
What is our f**kin name?
You know nigga, produced by the K
Oh K-K-K?

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