Mr. Invisible Lyrics

Waking up with the alarm bells ringing
72 missed calls, my phone still singing
Like a siren, 999 last number I called
Couldn't recall what happened last night
Thats right, nothing in my memory banks...
Rolling straight outta my bed, just to fill in the blanks
Still in my clothes stained red, like I was spilling wine?
Chilling with my best friends, killing time
Seeing one of them, sitting by the front door
Soon to be smoking like the barrel when the gun draws
Cigarette in his hand, staring into nowhere...
Looking worn and pale in the morning cold air
Glaring at me when I try to step past..
Glazed eyes gaze straight - through me like a pane of glass
Feeling too shattered to pursue a conversation
So I left him to it to continue contemplation

I'm unseen, I'm unheard
Mr Invisible World (x2)

It's raining, can't feel the water hitting my skin
Usually, day breaks with a wide grin
Now it's crying and the concrete soaking the tears
I remember cracking open the beers
Now my dizzy head I hope I can clear
Phoning my mates, I'm saying Hello but nobody hears
Over the years, I have never felt so restless
Looking toward heaven God get me on the guest list
Please, I feel there's somewhere I need to be
But I can't figure out the way my feet are leading me
Grey scenery, praying for some greenery
Colour leaking out of my world, bleeding free
Stepping dreamily, between the wide awake
Everybody turning away when I try to make
Any contact be it visual or physical
The feeling that I'm feeling is chilling, am I invisible?
I guess I need to see a friendly face
Find myself upon the street near my mothers rented place
Curtains drawn like the features of a mourner
Windows are tired eyes, weeping at the corners
I'm heading over just to knock on the door
For the first time today, sure I'll not be ignored
Rap my knuckles on the poorly painted wood
Why do I feel I don't belong in my former neighborhood?

I'm unseen, I'm unheard
Mr Invisible World (x2)

Lights are on, television in the living room
Working against the radio, humming out a whitney tune
I will always love you, the mum who
Taught the art of war like you were Sun Tzu
So your son knew, nowhere to hide, nowhere to run to
Reality bites, sat me down, told her child to stand for his rights
Yeah, yeah I really learned from that
So it's unlike you for you to turn your back
Anyway, guess I better be going to my girlfriends
You know the one I rely on until the world ends...
Moving away slowly from your doormat
Leaving a note hoping you would call back
Later as I walk along the avenue, rapping to
That rhythm of my heartbeat, feeling like I can't speak
Style acapella - whatever is going on I have to tell her
Urgently, emergency emerging, merging to my mind danger
Knock the door, see it answered by a stranger
Hello is Elizabeth home?
I get a blank face, but she isn't alone
I glide past her faster, find my girl so I can ask her
Of last night's outcome
She doesn't see me, crying at the TV
News story, young rapper shot dead after finishing his album...

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Record Label(s): 2013 Christian Foley and Nyaki Serutla
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