Distorted Truth Lyrics

I ain't heard of me either
Under achiever - damn man, I've been working like beavers
Certainly stress is a killer so I could murder a breather
Hurting to be the hottest, sweating in a permanent fever
"Are you Ok man?"
No, I'm trying to shine but every time that I rhyme
You'll be wearing your ray bans..
Shady women with their fake tits and spray tans
Hearing about my fame and now they wanna come and shake hands
Forget your courtesies, I prefer my girls to be
Natural when practicing the birds and bees
"Tweeting on the world wide web, just to get a buzz
I bet he does, ready Muz, a has been or never was..
Now tell me, in which box we're ticking your name.. "
Neither of them I'm cold - Ice picking your brain
Pulling flows out of my nose, the way I flick 'em insane
Christian James, a new drug to stick in your veins


Kill my live shows, wreck ravers
Labels couldn't see so they should have gone to specsavers
I ain't in it for the sex favors
From the girls who rent a ride like they try to be the next Avis
Nothing to play with I'm the dangerous toy
How many beats will I be killing thats the game I enjoy
Leave your aims and your ploys, I know your trained to avoid
The alien thats saying no peace, I came to destroy
Hand me the mic is like giving North Korea
Millions of missiles to make the third world war more severe
The one your taught to fear, making sure your short career
Will never get applause, only clap you get is gonorrhea
I humiliate you middleweights, any given day
Heavy with the pen, true it irritates
All my competition, any composition
Screwing with your mind in many ways, more than one position


Missionary MC's trying to convert you
Boring, who do you think would stick around for verse two
I pursue, each and every way that I can curse you
Hope the nurse knew I'm sick of fly women call it bird flu
For thats what you rappers are, snacking on your caviar
Packing up the abattoir, more beef than a cattle farm
So full of bull, like reading of a tarot card
Thats why I battle stars, sharper than a jagged shard
And a heart harder than marble is, marvelous and marketed
Worldwide. I'm a synonym for eloquent gentleman
Your as feminine as girl guides
Can't touch the mic
Like Schumacker, Jordan or Jackson
The new rapper talking with actions
A far cry from a mime artist
In black and white, the stone truth is I rhyme hardest

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Record Label(s): 2013 Christian Foley and Nyaki Serutla
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