My Nuts Lyrics

Feat. Deysean

[JClay - Chorus]
I can't wait to (Blow) x 8
They gone all be on my nuts
Once I blow up (nuts)
Once I blow up (my nuts)
Once I blow up

[Deysean - Verse 1]
Hold up, got something to say
Sensei's new P.A.
Ok, Dolce & Gabbana be the forte
Ros', dripping from the lips of my protege
But wait, the liquor ain't what's damaging her kidneys
The Slip be that lean mean,
Money green,
Dream team
That's quick to check a boy
Run in your fort demanding crown me,
If your hoes got chest and ass
Run up in your pad
Kill your king, take your queen
My niggas bout that locomotive,
Running them trains while smoking ganja leaf
But hold on wait,
You mean to challenge the greats?
Man, your hottest shit is wack,
Matter of fact, on top of that,
Nigga you can't even rap
And you trying to tell me we a foot past due,
And you ahead an we have to catch you?
Nigga you nutty like a sundae
And you need prayer, I'll see you Sunday.


[JClay - Verse 2]
Like this female, Michelle
She sells, C-Shell scripts
At retail, plus emails
Me constantly, wit details
To conjugally, visit
To ring these bells
On the DL, like Hughley
She ain't ugly
And I'm like oo wee
And she posted
On my mic, she hostin
Honey all on me
You can call these honey roasted
I guess it's time to toast it
Up to being mostly
Wait, she say her duty is to do me
Duly noted
Promoted, (marry me)
Wait, hold it, bolted
But I'm stand up guy, like, don't sit
Leave, and don't send, meee
No mo sexagges
Wit yo girls that's asian and mexican
Ok, that's ok,
I mean, that's ok,
Mo testosterone for this estrogen from my nuts


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