Eyes Red Lyrics

[Swateezy - Chorus]
I'm in this hoe like Trojan, Michael Phelps I'm strokin
Then I'm wiz khalifa smokin, eyes red and they loccin
Eyes red and they loccin x4

[Swateezy - Verse 1]
Now I be ridin with some riders, yeah my clique some fighters
Boy we on fire and you gassed up like lighters
Nuff said the nicest under Pink Slip it's a crisis
I got the touch like midas spreading 8 legs like spiders
I got em, got it? Oh my god I'm so on it
Gettin tail like sonic, more rocks then onix
Houston shit when I f**k a bitch I go hard then (harden) I rock it (rocket)
You bougie bitch you ain't used to this so get the f**k up out of my pockets
Wait, can I get a moment of silence
My weed loud, my money talk while yall stayin quite
Pockets on riot my blunt is on pilot
I'm on some fly shit, no sample don't try this


[JClay - Verse 2]
I'm big joker high, I don't joke
I'm just smokin hot, I don't smoke
I'm my eye dee das
I'm super clean
I body wash, I don't soap
Yeah, I'm on it, I'm on it
You can paraphrase, but don't quote
Cuz I'm trade marked
I'm paid smart
How u broke dumb, I don't know, unh
Eyes read your expression
Yo eyes red from impression
Yo eyes big, cuz I did
I'm ressessin in the recession
I call the shots, no textin
Yeah I played this game, no lessons
Do u wanna test me, no question
Success is my destiny
I think big, no less of me
Cheese and bread in the recipe
I just cross paper, that's legacy
This is God's flow, nothin left of me
Holy ghost, no exorcism
I'm on point, I'm on the metric system
I will prevail
I won't bail
I don't fail
That's repetition


[Retro - Verse 3]
Red eyes they loc'n, pepe I'm smoking.
Two blunts of that strong got me feeling like Hulk Hogan.
All I smoke is fiya, blunts thicker then tires.
Friday the 13th I smoke with Michael Myers.
Getting high steady blowing green, if I'm sippin lean then I'm fast asleep.
Every day of the week I'm smoking Michael Phelps, with a crowd of ppl maybe by myself.
Retro I'm a smoke aholic getting higher than the atmosphere.
Copperfield when I pop a pill, when I pop a pill I dissapear.
Eastwood out to stop six, hood niggas we smoke loud.
Act a fool we acting out that 70's show till we pass out.


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