Blackout Lyrics

Feat. Quite Frank

[Quite Frank - Chorus]
I keep drinking till I'm buzzed out
*Repeat 8 times*

[Quite Frank - Verse 1]
Well I walked in the party with my cup up
Alright decided I'm getting fluck up
Appointed the designated driver next time he might have him some better luck,
Of the Irish, clothes looking polish, you can say I'm shining, dranking, smiling
Easy going, feeling so good I told her stand up for me and keep turning
Till the bartender finish pouring
Now she's pouring outside juice box outlining the seats in my rid
Fog on the window & echoes of her moaning, man,
Smile is wide stretch, simply cause I'm inside it
Maybe I'm tripping but I'm thinking about cup flip
I'm thinking more about drinking
Now I'm getting bored I bust quick
Then I'm dipping, ciroc peach
Pineapple goose drinks pink panties
Whip cream, hold the freak
I'm taking in more drinks then the kitchen sink
Enjoying myself at the moment
I'm driving, well walking or floating
I think? Yahhhhh! Likabitch

[Quite Frank - Chorus]
I keep drinking till I pass out
*Repeat 8 times*

[JClay - Verse 2]
Freeloading, drinking for free
Cuz I keep ballers in my company
Gimme mo shots but double these
My Double D got double d's
I ain't worried about being behind no wheels
I'm worried about big behinds and feels
I buried my stress I can unwind and chill
Now hurry up and find my mind, I still
Lost it, in Austin
I think 6th Street, like this week
I'm still gone in Hong Kong
Well it's Chinatown, u miss me?
Ni hao sway zing hao miy
I need subtitles and I don't know why
I'm super drunk, I believe I can fly
She 600 pounds, I believe she fine
Thanks bro for stoppin this
Friends don't let friends bang big chicks
Friends don't let friends drank like this
For real I'm on his tab and he ain't notice
I told yall I freeload
Freak hoes and reload
Don't beg Craig, just Debo
I'm actin foul I'm free thowed
Ahhhhh, yall ain't get it
I can't give up the bar and this seat won't pivot
I'm *belch* wiser, ribbit ribbit
Who got that Kettle One now give it give it
The moral of the story, drink responsibly
If you an AA sponsor, drink sponsoribly
If you always thirsty, drink constantly
If you drank like me, then drink til you unconscious... ly
*drunken ramble*

[Quite Frank - Chorus]
I keep drinking till I black out
*Repeat 8 times*

*Drunken Ramble*

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