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Get Your Wet Wipes Lyrics

Jr Writer [Verse 1]

we poppin mean gators [gators]
sour d flavors [uh huh]
like i had somebody cremated [woah]
in other words i puff and land [land]
every butters damp [damp]
and you done swear
i plucked the branch off the mother plant [true story]
you'se a doja [doja]
who get em from a smoker [uh huh]
im upstate
tryin to talk buisness with the grovers [whats good]
your slower
so everyone you pitch it to is sober
i cut up and bag the grass quicker than a mower [mower]
get em on the corner [get em on the corner]
you ship these malnova? [what]
mixfeends take more hits than myoga [the boxer]
sit em on the curb [curb]
twisted off a bird [bird]
i get this raw hair from an indian reserves [allen]
before i get there
its a bricket to reserve [here you go]
stupid you need a boat
just to get to where serve [stupid]
so curve i dont talk to mines [nope]
i extort this grind [how?]
couple mexicans
get em past the border line [line]
holla at me [holla]
R will hit you over dimes
parked up with that porshe reclined
sharper than a porcupine [uurrrrr!!]
cause i keep grindin [grindin]
every sleeve shinin [bling!]
you'se a jewler huh
ever see some green diomands? [ever see some green diomands?]
you dont glitter you clown [clown]
all my wrists already drown [drown]
i aint sad
but this chain keep bringing me down [whats that?]
so expect [what?]
a kilo on my neck
when you see me in the jets
with a sleezy on my left [left]
a nigga really think about reachin
he'll be stretched [why]
this f*ckin desert
is the only eagle he will get [blaahh!]
plus it aint hard to see that i am fresh
with a fan base that believe that im the best [me]
i came a long way
from the p's up on the steps [steps]
listen im the best
yes secret ever kept
ay fagget give a f*ck if they practice [why]
aint nobody hotter than me and my age pracket

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