Trag Invasion Lyrics

(Do it!)


I'm fantastic when things get drastic
Gimme the mic and I melt the plastic
Fatal hits with the groove that's like granite
Gimme the mic and I rock the whole planet
Smooth when I proceed the intro
(Tragedy) I'm sexin the party just like a nympho
More than amusin, Trag is amazin
You better watch out, it's the Trag Invasion

(Do it!)

Don't interfere when the Trag is splurgin
My rap's smooth, I treat a mic just like a virgin
I kick raps on beats that are mystic
Comin back with the style that's terrific
Rap vernacular, so spectacular
You can't avoid the Trag, I'm comin atcha
Speak with heart like Malcolm X
My brain perpetuates a mental flex
I grab the mic and I eat it like cancer
Split the stage, then I give it to my dancers
Havoc, poetical predator
My DJ cuts the record like a editor
I strip the mic, he melts the plastic
More than fierce, cause we're fantastic
More than amusin, cause I'm amazin
You better watch out, it's the Trag Invasion

(Do it!)

(Now who's comin on?) Trag, and you know it
You used to be dope, but now you're a dead poet
You're washed up, you don't want none of this, chief
You're fat pork, I'm a hundred percent beef
Controllin the mic, you can't steer it
I know you wanna rhyme, but I'm not tryin to hear it
Call the cops, this is mic brutality
(Yo man, Trag is here!) Yeah, back to reality
I snatch the party and squeeze it like Play-Doh
I grab the mic and I kick it like Kato
Rap so fierce, the deejay is Fatal
You can't hang, so it's back to your cradle
Live Motivator motivatin it live
Get off the mic, cause you're too young to drive
It's not what you say, it's how you say it
If your record's dope, radios are gonna play it
If it's booty, I stick a mic up your rectum
My rap's large and you're small like a spectrum
Abusin MC's like toys after Christmas
It ain't over till the beat is dismissed
I kill the mic and I don't leave no witness
Please don't test me, the beat obsessed me
Just like a heart the mic will stress me
There's no dismission from my position
(Yo Trag, can you rock?) Man, listen
Young intellect with a taste of vanity
Die on stage or plead insanity
The heat is risin, I know the game
When I'm done Trag will be a household name
I incline with a rhyme that won't come cheap
You're just a Nova, I'm a Cherokee Jeep
I'm more than amusin, Trag is amazin
You better watch out, it's the Trag Invasion

(Do it!)

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Record Label(s): 2011 25 To Life Aura Money Maker Ent
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