Microphone Check Lyrics

(One-two microphone check one-two)

I'm slippin syllables, wiser than Salomon
So yo, pass the mic, so I can rock the Metropolitan
I write just like a novelist, no one's as hard as this
Step from the stage, because I'm sparkin it like Spartacus
Phonics, will flow, just like the Phoenix
I'm pickin up the planet, then I'm droppin it like Venus
With drama, drama, state of the art
So dance to my record till death do us part
It's Fatal, my partner in crime, but not a crook
And yo, I'm droppin science like a school text book
I'm not the batman, but I'm the man that's black
I'm kickin crazy vocals, cause I'm makin crazy track
I can't sing, but if I could sing, I'd sing soprano
Yo, this beat is chunky, and it's funky with piano
Sports, I never play sports, I'm not athletic
I'm pickin up the pen to make my poetry poetic
Some brothers tried to stop me, but yo, I didn't let em
The mic is like a gun, and if they front I'm gonna wet em
Supervise em, the indicator
My DJ is capable of cutting any fader
It's Trag, I'm livin large, swell and chunky
Yo, this sure is funky

I'm havoc, Tragedy tragic
Marley's motivatin the mix just like Magic
So jump on my train, the stops are goin local
I'm makin crazy track, because I'm kickin crazy vocals
When you see me, don't call me Trag, just call me mister
I'm harder than your father, plus I'm pretty like your sister
So please, shut the f**k up when I'm speakin
I'm asiatic, DJ Fatal's puertorican
Smooth, I'm smoother than smooth this style's perfected
Slow, I'm slower than slow, and yet effective
More than talented. blessed with this potential
Yo, my name's not Ed, but this rap is kinda Special
Stop me, but if you could stop me, then you would stop me
Yo, rap is a game, and I play it just like Monopoly
Brothers, brothers on the block say that I'm losin it
Done, but if you could do, then you'd be doin it
So sleep, but please don't snore when I'm talkin
Sleep, you could keep sleepin and sleepwalkin
Trag, but Trag won't sleep, cause I'm awoken
I'm smart, my spartanic speech is outspoken
I'm strong, like Samson, some say I'm handsome
I grab the mic, and then I hold it like a ransom
I'm large, fat, swell, I'm livin chunky
Yo, this sure is funky

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Record Label(s): 2011 25 To Life Aura Money Maker Ent
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