Intelligent Hoodlum Lyrics

(Now we can look into the cells of our own brain
and if we feed on the wisdom of God
we can come into a light and a power
that will absolutely make us masters over what the Originator
originated that is called creation
and that is all that Jesus was beckoning the world to
to come up out of where you are
and to stop thinking that you got to exist
on the low plane that you exist
as Jesus ascended you can ascend
then you as a human being can e like him
and therefore he said...)

I had the mind that was designed for crime
Now I'm two seconds away from the big time
In the fast lane your life goes fast
It's time to take a journey into Tragedy's past
When I was one adopted by Michael Chapman
This was years before I started rappin
My father held a scholarship for a year
But then he died and so did his career
He left his son and soon to be wife
He died, and that was the end of his life
It's just not fair that he couldn't live through
But as I grew, I fell into the same trap, too
But I lived the life that he couldn't see
He died a 18 and that's the age of me
I escaped the cage where your brother is your enemy
And cops turn misdemeanors into felonies
Playin the game the stakes are a lot
Either you're strung out on drugs, in jail or get shot
So I take the pain and put it in a song
Cause some of my brothers didn't last this long
Life to them just didn't seem important
As I watched their bodies get stiffer in the coffin
A young black target for someone to shoot ya
Hoodlum's the past, Intelligent is the future
I seek a life more promising than a waiter
The mass educator puttin pain on paper
Life is a battle and strength is survival
Some search for better but most won't even try to
Cause every day a young dream is shatterin
Pressure is painful, the burden is batterin
I'm a reborn rebel and my intellect leaks
The Intelligent Hoodlum relates to the streets
Cause the past stays on my back to remind me
Intelligence is what you gain when you find me
Heed the message I inject in your eadrum
I'm the Intelligent Hoodlum

I'm the Intelligent Hoodlum [x2]

I'm the Intelligent Hoodlum - reactor, I cause fear
Writing like Mark Twain, recite like Shakespeare
You're a typical prototype from off the block
Everytime you say a rhyme all I hear's hip-hop
Spectacular encore when things get hectic
I'm protracting lyrics geometric
Projecting my vocals, lyrics are light
My brainwave conduct sound waves like a satellite
Pickin up a pen to put my anger on paper
Intelligent Hoodlum, I design a skyscraper
Lyrical converter, the inserter
Spiritual harrassment, then I murder
Warrior, rebel, trained assassinator
Intelligent Hoodlum is the Live Motivator
Detect verbal architect to construct
Mentally I generate brainwaves, conduct
Biceps in my lungs, rap fitness
Mentally ill, psychiatrical sickness
Lyrics like blood, capillaries
My brain is a dictionary full of vocabulary
I drop logic cause I'm the prophet
Inject your eardrum
I'm the Intelligent Hoodlum

I'm the Intelligent Hoodlum

I have the mind, the intellect of Einstein
A poet using my art for design
Destroyin adversaries when I pick up a pen
And my demo's more deadly when you play it again
Lyrics deal with endurance, the most mega performance
And if you wanna battle, you better have insurance
A walkin sunspot, my energy is radium
A gladiator generating your stadium
Cause I'm compelling, acute and never yelling
Syllables slide from my throat and excelling
A poet possessed like the Excorcist
Accomodating the transcript vocalist
Exposed and expressed, no holds barred
Dance to my record till you fall in a graveyard
You calculate me wrong, I might afford ya
Physical harrassment, spiritual torture
Like the flick of a Bic science I kick
And you couldn't come close to the pain I inflict
I could still stimulate, even if my tongue's blisted
Lyrics are sick cause my mind is kinda twisted
Rhymes are related to the havoc and harm
My words are packed just like a nuclear bomb
Vocals flow like H2O out of a faucet
Don't even grab the mic cause you lost it
I bust your braincells, pierce your eardrum
I'm the Intelligent Hoodlum

I'm the Intelligent Hoodlum

(Language, and it came to us
in the right frame, in the right time
with the right words from the right one)

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Record Label(s): 2011 25 To Life Aura Money Maker Ent
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