Dope Fiend Spirits Lyrics

Yea Nigga, Yea, Once A Motherf*cking Ginn Nigga
Straight Slap

[Verse 1 - Husalah]
This is knock for the skitzos dumb ass loose
Clocking non-stop ho and I got proof
Twenty Fours on the Chevrolet convertible coupe
I ain't heard of you nigga but you heard of the zoo
Where the gorilla and apes at suckers get scraped flat
Clocking hustle for hours don't take no showers
Niggas be always wondering how Husalah be hustling
Cause everytime I slide through I got the women thats sucking
While you suckers is cupcaking like a Hostess Mc Muffin
Nigga please your girlfriend is not your lady
For the past six months we been rocking them crazy
It's blue ex the whole nine yards I know you wanna cry I see it in your eye
I bet you want revenge please don't try
Cause every guy who try he die, bitch
It's the mob can never be brizzoke
I ride fizzos
And everytime I gizzo
You see smizzoke
And then you start to chizzoke
But I don't stop to bend my car
She can't breathe she need C.P.R
You A Chris Rock thug, CB4
I'm on dvd's and cd's you seen before

Don't stop nigga run that light
Four fifteen basing like they hitting the pipe, nigga
Don't stop run that light
Nigga so much base my trunk hitting the pipe, chea

East Oakland Dumb dumb, whaaaa
West Oakland Dumb dumb, whaaaa
North Oakland dumb dumb, whaaaa
Dumb dumb, whaaaa dumb dumb, whaaaa

[Verse 2 - Pretty Black]
You might catch in the bucket in the public
Or riding on twenty fours when I'm sliding to my show
Man your chicken she just love to blow my trumpet
The bitch say she love me though
I think I better let it go
Nuts in your mouth not in your hand
Man I'm finna come out with ho in a can
Sit low in the van on fins
They spinning got to cool me off
Wining grining fellin like a boss
Like you niggas false advertising
You niggas be hiding
You ain't riding
Can't hang in my environment
Inspire a bitch, to ho
Then expire a bitch
You know we tire a bitch untill her cock touch the floor
Geesing the beat got me beasting
Reeking of purple smoke
Bitch geeking she erking folks
She can't handle the rope
And I rap for the mentally challenged folks you know

And we still won't stop nigga run that light
The four fifteens basing like they hitting the pipe
Nigga do a thou wow nigga run that light
Man so much bass my trunk hitting the pipe
So much bass my trunk hitting the pipe
Nigga do a thou wow nigga run that light

South Richmond dumb dumb, whaaaa
North Richmond dumb dumb, whaaaa
Central Side dumb dumb, whaaaa
Dumb dumb, whaaaa dumb dumb, whaaaa
Pueblo 'Jects dumb dumb, whaaaa
Pueblo 'Jects dumb dumb, whaaaa
South Richmond is dumb dumb, whaaaa
Dumb dumb, whaaaa dumb dumb, whaaaa

[Verse 3 - Fed-X]
Guess who it's the dude it's fifty states baby
Push off in the space ship they go crazy
They love me they want to kiss on a lord
They praise me look at them bow to the floor
The god the emperor you know I'm running your city
The prince the gorilla, godzilla I'mma Mob Figga
Still dancing move in the european
Or Aston Martin Your hoes I tossed them
C'mon don't stop run that light
Don't stop nigga run that light

And we dip to the music everytime we hear it
My trunk been possesed by the dope fiend spirits!
Dope fiend spirits?
Dope fiend spirits!
Nigga dope fiend spirits?
Nigga dope fiend spirits!

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Record Label(s): 2006 Sumo Oakland Street Show D50
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