Visionary Lyrics

Uh, yeah, yo, check it, uh, yo
I'm maniacal; when I flow I'm never fully liable
Anyone who listens will become a homicidal
Not a chance for a survival when I come for the title
Mothaf**kas disappear upon my arrival
My brain cavity defies all gravity
Anytime I finish up a track it's a tragedy
The beat begs me to come back on
The sound is incomplete without my voice on the song
Uh, I've waited too long to come back out
Debated many times of what my life is about
I hold a torch for this rap, I'm a natural
Born to scorch tracks and become geographical
Magical with the soul of a poet
Legendary status where I'm going and you know it
Doubts tracks with my ravenous traps
Listen very close and hear the game collapse
On wax yo I burn like candles
Dirty ass shit that I've learned from Vandals
Can I get a witness? Rip this, dish this
Lyrically gifted, shit I'm sick with it
You don't want none of it, bitch I'm running it
Gunning down every last one for the fun of it
There's no hook 'cause I just can't stop
Continuously flowing like a hippo of logs yo
Pine-box's covered with toxics
Chemicals or general and I rock the spot
Uh, I feel the beat from my head to my feet
Take a seat and listen to the f**king style unique
Deep six, and I don't even speak English
Weak shit where the peak doesn't even exist
Don't sleep for a second it's a date for the reckoning
When I'm on the beat yo consider me a weapon
It's a fire that can't be put out
Spit from my lips it'll burn down your house
Not a mouse but a man on a mission
When I'm on the mic I get a psychedelic vision
Infectious, bless this, flow like no other
Not to mention, Ghost you a bad mothaf**ka
Not Shaft, but the mastic craftsmen
I'll take it so serious, so why you laughing?
Passion, sweat, tears and blood
The sum and result of what the years become
World is so f**ked up from all this greed
All the CEOs is just master thieves
f**k what I need I'm a take what I want
No matter who suffers and I put up a front
About time someone pays the prize
Or you end up like Ken Lay and pay with your life
Word up! - Uh, Ghost, yo, I'm out

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