Rocklandworldradio Freestyle Lyrics

I spit the venomous eliksir
Gumz about to be a fixture in the rap game better hide your f**king sister
I blister tracks with mixtures of chemicals
Seven year veteran's gimme props like a General
I'm terrible, melt steel with mainstream appeal
Everything's a handshake, f**k a record deal
Got buckets of that real shit
Hardcore rap battle me with no feeling left on your Achilles Heel
Putting dudes on injured reserve; a genius in a physical form
You're thinking any less will be f**king absurd
You're lucky with words; I'm f**king you herbs up
Flows like a dictionary about to get served up
Listen when I speak, separate men from the 'lil kids on the mic
And I'm pissing on that weak shit
Spit the street shit from cradle to the grave
My sword killing heads and I'm fatal with the blade
Roar like a Lion; slap you with the iron fist
Here to save the game, better not be trying this
Give my life for this shit 'cause this shit is my life
Getting married is my second 'cause Hip-Hop's my first wife
Unconventional, top ten, you better mention 'em
Coming off the bench, started, said I'm causing tension
Undeniable, flow is like the River Nile
On the beat I'm UPS 'cause I deliver fire
The Mic Specialist; when I spit is like a Terrorist
With his finger on the trigger about to blow the f**king bits
My culmination about to dominate the whole entire nation of civilization
I've been patient and spitting rhymes from the basement
I'm facing the brink; you're breathing life into the lost art basically instinct
It's all about the bling, and how many units you move
How many beef rumors involve you and your crew?
I keep it simple; to me this rap is like a Temple
I ain't religious but I spit the Gods from my mental
I got all the credentials to blow like a 7th grade Chemistry set
I spit that Heavenly shit; I'm like a force in nature
Lost without the pen and paper
Summoned by the law to be the next world savior
The raw flavor, the shit I spit is danger
Nas can be the half-man; I'm a hundred percent amazing

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