Live My Life Lyrics


I'm living it day by day, so I can try to catch focus
I gotta thank God that I'm still living, I'm letting know that he's noticed
I know, that I need to change
All I could say the streets is all I live, since I was neglected
All of my life I feel it's nothing but pain that I get, stay strapped with a vest
Until I rest gotta do my best, while living this life I don't wanna be shife
All of my life, feel like I was stabbed in the back with a knife
So all of my so called friends, better check yourself
Don't approach me, 'fore I drop turn drop back on a nigga like me
That's why I gotta keep my faith in God, and I don't wanna go
But if I really gotta go, then I'ma die living at my will
Trying to maintain the pain that I feel, sometimes I feel that I gotta get killed
If it's that way then I won't feel the stress, that's kept up in my brain
Nobody to blame for the thangs I do, not ready to choose if I should change
I suggest you better keep your distance, better mind your bidness
I don't wanna go take your life, and it don't take much
That'll make me click, one day I'm hoping I see the light
This life of mine finna get worse, I feel I'm cursed for life with this stress
I'm so sick of me living in pain, in vein
I'm thinking, that I'ma be ready to rest in peace

[Hook x2: Peaches]
I'm just trying, to live my life
Why you hoes, be acting shife
You always, wanna hate my grind
I'm only trying, make shit right

[Dougie D]
Trying to regain my focus, my vision blurry from pain
Trying to calm all my nerves, insents burning from Mary Jane
Trying to live my life, more paper f**k lime light
Daily says she down with me, but something don't feel right
Dougie steady be smoking, from the pain in my mind
If you say you down with me, tell me why you be lying
Situation be sticky, but when it's hot it'll bubble
Tell me you love me, but girl I would never you see me struggle
Could it be, I'm part of this game
But nobody understand, till somebody lay in this game
And I don't wanna be the one, that have to tell you mayn
But I'm still gon ball, across the turning lane
Gotta keep my head up, even though I'm fed up
Still stacking my change, and sitting up on buck
Y'all boys don't learn, not to f**k with us
We on the paper, and in God we trust
Mucho caliente, like the ese's
Keeping shit hot, the way we getting paid
Better recognize we own the world, and it's just too late to pray
I'm trying to live my life, like day to day
And I know he hear, a G when I pray
So after we'll see, I feel the change in me
And I know something good, for I told the beat

[Hook x2]

In an attempt to make it right, running up red here my daily flight
Taking Penitentiary chances right, to make sho my woman and baby tight
I make fake to the left, but I make a right
Green or yellow don't worry, I'ma make the light
Gotta get rid of a few cakes tonight, anything go wrong I'ma take a life
Because I'm thinking about, my lil' brother mayn
I really done lost my mother mayn, there cause my cousin no other mayn
When you f**k with that, your life up in flames
I'm tired of the bullshit reaching me, I can't afford a class who teaching me
And make a nigga wanna cuss all the time, 90 percent of songs
They be bleeping me I gotta watch my tongue, and just like I'm on fire
Pen start pimping, it'll bug your eye
Tryin to go from steady to customized, hoodrats to yellas with lovely thighs
Where they be, when a nigga wanna drop the top
Everybody was spend money, wanna cock the glock
Get away from laws, had to drop my rocks
Jumping over the fence, the convict don't stop
Gotta buy diapers gotta buy clothes, gotta get paid before I stole clothes
Picture for picture that's f**ked up
Especially when a nigga, done done some shows
Rock the crowd, for about fo' bills
Show me the money, cause I show skills
I'ma sip the drank, and I'ma blow the skill
And I'ma meditate, until a nigga get a platinum deal

[Hook x2]


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Record Label(s): 1999 G Maab Ent Sosouth
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