Livin' 4 The Moment Lyrics

[ verse 1: willie d ]
Picture me broke and disgusted, livin like a f*ckin bum
Raggedy clothes, not knowin where my next meal comin from
I want the american dream like dusty rolls
Got my eyes on paper, f*ck these musty hoes
Foes die slower than an aids patient
To a tombstone my enemies lead chasin
The police wanna see me in an early grave
But I ain't trippin on em muthaf*ckin pearly gates
Ways to get a nigga 'fore he get me
Always keep my 'stola with me
Never beg for my life if they muthaf*ckin hit me
Face, are you with me? (hell yeah)
The d.e.a. tryin to put me in a jail cell
(hell yeah) but I refuse to be locked up
(hell yeah) give me a quart of ki rocked up
(hell yeah) money and murder, that's my motto
I take my chances in the ghetto, f*ck the lotto

[ chorus: scarface ]
I live my life for the moment, f*ck tomorrow
Still kill, beg, borrow

Money is power
Rocks is powder
Glock in trousers
Block is ours
Sold flour
Hood sours
Crime towers
Scream louder

[ verse 2: scarface ]
Bein broke got a muthaf*cka focused on the wrong things
Livin illegal, armorin the regal with gold danes
Twistin muthaf*ckas up, killin em even quicker
Niggas on a suicidal mission to get the scrilla
Anybody peeler, I'm still a homicidal killer
Mob with gorillas, servin the fiends smokin chillers
And I'm - so high - that I - can touch the sky
Above the fallin rain
Let me explain, in these streets no pain
Murder your partner if he crosses you, nigga, do your thing
It's a struggle for position in this cold dark world
Survival of the realest geto boys and girls
So what you waitin on, get your muthaf*ckin ranks
And your muthaf*ckin bank, serve your muthaf*ckin hank
And your dank, I don't think the sun don't shine
In 1999 - so grind
Ain't no sense in dyin without a dime
Listen to the muthaf*ckin rhymes

[ chorus ]

[ verse 3: willie d ]
Day dark, walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I fear nothin
We all gotta die of somethin
Don't blame me if I capitalize
Give me the dope and lock me up if I happen to rise
Despise any human that ain't a substance to my lifestyle
Put me out my mysery, I might smile
Why plan the future when everyday there's a new opponent
I'm livin for the muthaf*ckin moment, dmg, get on it

[ verse 4: dmg ]
Well i, nigga, I come to ride
Down for the southside
Drive by your community
I'm doin him, we bombin
Droppin on your muthaf*ckin squadron
Heartless, bring these muthaf*ckas rigor mortis
For the moment, ? ? ? bonin, who want this?
Come on and let me know you really, really want it
I'm here, now for life, straight up and down, mangler
? ? ? strangler, hang you up
Niggas get smoked like herb
Inner cities to suburbs
Word em up, f*ck em up, tired of bein flat
With nothin but these clothes on my back
(no scratch) f*ck that with the middle finger
I'm tryin to turn my grass greener
And fertilize my pocket size - for the moment

[ chorus ]

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Record Label(s): 2010 Rap A Lot
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