Machine Guns An Heartache Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Huh, I got dibs, and the heartache in my head, is out for conflict, when
Suddenly the bunny dies, we're all fictitious in the mind slips, it's fantastic
Gossip, and I think I'm gonna break me every bone, but a distorted mouth gives
No hugs and even confidence needs a home, but tough girls don't cry, even with
Bullet holes in there torsos, these machine guns drown the eyes and we're the
Suits to push the bar codes, heavily muted, an insidious waste built to
Fear the entrails, we're all mammals my friend, no matter how you hang the
Questions, the invalids embrace the coffin nails, ahh hell, I guess I'm just
Wrapped up in the topics, emotionally distraught, I was taught to leave my voice
Abandoned in these pockets, these disposable concepts, so why do you feel the
Need to tease me? I'm exceedingly boring, and Mr. Kool's a little sleepy, these
Arms are weeping, and I've got a note book full of courage, this throat is clogged,
And these icky words of mine are destined to flourish, I swear they will,
And nows the time to get sinfully decadent, open your minds to were we stand
Still, to rape and pillage for this president, I'm a lustful resident, bathed in
Screams to keep this mouth shut, here now put this in your mouth, it's time to
Kiss away the nonsense, in these sedatives, I need help, but all doubts are in
The strings, and this stupid human suit is about to melt, I'm gonna unwind
Until the earth shakes, or until I spill all the sorrow I've felt. I say kill em all...

I say kill em all, and let God eat the leftovers, it's just machine guns and heartache,
With swollen thighs to fill these leg warmers, and every time I hide, these words
Drip from the same shoulders, this is what I express to my constituent's, to stack
These heads up in closed quarters, I say kill em all, kill em all, kill em, [x3]
It's time to drown these eyes from these voices that I'm feeling.

[Verse 2:]
Because we're all transparent, with swollen hearts and curb jobs, these fragile
Fingers are nonsense, and I'm a body bag of bear hugs, ahh shucks, and I got date
With ignorance, we've all plated cops and robbers, and had to bleed when the lip
Splits, let's drown the innocents, and hold our flesh and blood up for ransom,
How easily these thoughts float, and every child needs a handgun, these pet rocks
Don't die, no matter how hard you neglect them, smiles for the symbolism behinde
The heartache, and yes machine guns are the lesions, it's disposable depression,
And happy hunting with the chest flaunts, but patriots play football, and only cowards act nonchalant,
But I'm going daunt until my legs break, or until beauty is affordable this is how my flesh tastes,
Let's spread the wings it's so adorable, it's free to spoil and puppet shows don't bleed much
I'm out to harpoon every last whale and spread her thighs just to watch the cheeks blush
I eat lust, all until the pockets start to chatter, it's just as diminishing as matchsticks with heavy hands to spill the batter
It's no matter, because teardrops take no prisoners.
Jails are human zoos with televisions and babysitters, and these quitters are all worms with nightsticks and badges.
For the love of the holocaust, we're all eyes who cheat bastards. Disease clashes and I'm gonna hold these ashes in my palm,
It's time to stitch the new suits, and trade my head for firearms.
I say kill em all.



Let God eat em all-eat em raw! [x6]


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Record Label(s): 2005 Dirty Laboratory

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