Im So Happy Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Todays a good day to mumble to myself, walking ashamed through this land of idiots, optimism overrated,
So I turn my happiness up a notch to hideous, the t.v.'s my alter, let the florescent lights baptize me,
I'm so happy because Jesus wasn't a Christian, I could give all the hypocrites Vango's ear and they still
Wouldn't listen, I'm so happy, cause I know not every gospel artist is going to heaven, while every preacher
Is going to prison, they wonder how come I don't pray, and why being an atheist is Danny"s decision, all of
My day's are like trances, but if I was god I would send you all to hell, but I don't even believe in myself,
So come to house, vomit on the carpet, and send me the bill, I'll still be blissful until the day I snap
And go and pawn my play station for Reggae cds and a pistol, I'm so happy cause I'm a heartthrob for suicide
Girls, plus I'm a teeny bopper pimp, who gets free whoppers from Molly, walking like I'm from Grove st. with
A subtle limp, I'm so happy cause I'm so famous, I walk unnoticed while time gets ignored by the opposite
Gender, not to mention, I'll perform for dust, until my tonsils get bloody, even if it's just for your sound
Man and bar tender, so go a head and carve your shitty days into your fore heads, and when your emo eyes
Run out of tears, don't be startled, keep writing your brilliant ideas into the sand, cause I'll be busy
Etching my happiness into marble, I'm so happy, I'm so happy, I'm a happy boy.

[Hook: x2]
Now I'm a happy boy doing happy boy things, turn my head toward the clouds, let my mind start to sing,
Things changed in my life, since I took the shot of awful, a healthy boy when I die, let's sow my eyes
And read the gospel.

[Verse 2:]
I'm so happy, I'm taking shots of awful, content with myself sitting impotent watching an orgy in the
Middle of a brothel, my life has been rather anti-climaxical, so stroke me with your fiction gently,
The daggers in my back, say I'm a pinto, but to my face, every Judas treats me like a Bentley, but I'll
Be running till the day Jerry Lewis finds a cure for me, I'm drinking a bottle of whiskey while taking
Ecstasy with Icky, but I've got X's on my hands, but until then Waster will keep me tipsy, there's Prozac
In your drinking water, so being happy isn't a choice, it's an intake, it's an for depression, while the
Side effects are being a pessimist with stitches and skin flakes, I'm so ecstatic, that will be the day,
The the pot washer becomes the cook, the day the illiterate pick up a book, the day I like Vanish, the day
I start making music like I'm famished, the day I put mayonnaise on my knuckles and give all the patronizers
A sandwich, my only companion is solitude, and I don't like being touched, and I'm not fond of glow sticks
And vegetables, so ravers can't relate to me, but I love society, because I get so happy watching single
Minded people hate me, my manors are strange, so I keep my elbows off the table while I'm biting, so keep
Playing with matches, and remember what your mommy's taught you, singed, sealed and printed in ink, Extra
Kool, the worst battle rapper you ever lost to.

[Hook x2]

[Hook x2: Bizzaro]
Now I'm a wasted life doing wasted life things, take the pills to grill let the head start to dream,
Things changed in my life once I killed up all the bunny's, a wasted life when I fly, subtle stomachs
Are always hungry.

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Record Label(s): 2005 Dirty Laboratory

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