Barbara Paints The Seven Deadly Sins Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
There coming to get you Barbara, please don't
Scream, they want to dine on your flesh, if you
Know what I mean, there a house on the hill you'll
Be safe inside, find some wood and block the doors
And find a nice place to hide, there's a family
In the basement, who's father's a coward, the
Little girls been bitten, such a delicate flower,
Boyfriend, girlfriend, let's watch the truck explode,
Gasoline mixed with fire makes the world all a glow,
Yo next comes the hero, black man with a shot gun,
Bullet to the head, the Calvary thinks they got one,
Now the walls are alive, the undead raid the scene,
Pulling life through the walls, helping angels get
There wings, I want to light them all up, raining
Fire from the sky, mala-cough cotton candy, why the
Hell won't they die? we'll never make it alive, paint
The walls turning rad, yo this this can't be real
The night of the living dead...

Cause I put away the costume, bought me a hostage,
What can I say, I was feeling kind of caustic, lost
In myself, walking circles in my room, guiding Barbara's
Paint brush, cause there's nothing left to do.

[Verse 2:]
There's nothing more to say, I can't stand ignorance,
Sit pretty little girl, help me drown in the impotence,
There's a women with a man on fire, in a stream, his heart
Exudes love, she only loves in his dreams, with hands on his
Shoulders, forces head under water, but the flames still
Dance, leading man to the slaughter, stay relaxed little
Man, let the water fill your lungs, let go of her hips,
Let her lips taste you're love, now the rain drips hate,
Watch the stream over flow, weighing heavy on her heart
Soaking all of her clothes, watch the sky turn black,
Now her lust wants to play, but if you don't love me, try
Crossing you're legs, now the water streams souls, she falls
Back in the snow, with a grin on her heart, she watched
His life implode, such a solitary life, coupled off in
Existence, blindfolds played the match, left him burning
With persistence, such a lovely little girl, the rain drops
Turn to flakes, blowing ice across the water with every
Breath that she takes, such a cast way heaven in our
Own special hell, where the used sell lust but they never
Kiss and tell, now he finally finds peace, laying buried
In the ice, where his love still burns with her image
In his eyes, she sits up on her knees like an imaginary
Thrown, she blows one last kiss, this pretty girl is
Going home.


[Verse 3:]
The box, the box, yo, what's in the box? John Doe has
The upper hand, just like we thought, with the barrel
To the head, Detective Mills spills the wrath, six feet
Of walking vengeance empties clips of aftermath,
It seems that envy never sleeps in the seven deadly sins,
If Somerset can't sleep the metronome is out to win,
The fat man can't breath, feed gluttony to the bones,
So obese he wants to laugh, putting pressure on his soul,
You're no martyr, you're a f**king t-shirt at best, an
After school teen special written off in detest, I bet
The air won't change with a thousand tiny trees, laying
Strapped to the bed, trying to chase a hand thief,
Now the sloth can't leave, least we speak with grimy tongues,
In the levels of inferno, must we pay for what we've done,
It was my first one of these, it must of spun him like a
Top, hand held pocket cannon, cut him down like a crop,
She was a savory little lady, selling lust with ivory skin,
When John doe loves you hard, he wants to take away you're sins,
Now the limbs can't reach spelling greed on the floor,
In big bad red letters, telling stories from the sword,
This prides a scary thing, gluing pills to the hand,
Such a pretty little face, there's not telling where I am,
Now the stories been told, pouring truth from the skies,
All my time has been wasted on solitary lies...

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Record Label(s): 2008 Dirty Laboratory
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