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The Bootleg Kev Cornerstone (freestyle) Lyrics

It's Callie [?] the [?] shit you click
The punching bag yeah, that is your lick
While growing up I saw my dad take sips
And traded it all for liquor
So now a drunk in a bar, that's a father figure
My fam of bottom feeders we eat off the ground
So any crumb in this coming your way, we sweeping out
Been around in the town and the [?] with all the
windows tinted
Them knows [?] the seed of women in it
My team [?]
I'm killing anything I'm touching like the hand of
Bitches wanna [?] my ear, like [?]
I can't confess a walking church, in and my sweater [?]
[?] my head is [?] the kids is sweating
They burn me up in my stomach like f*cking indigestions
They wanna ask who I'm feeling in I'm a skip the
Just like I did the half of bitches listen sessions
Can't remember the last rapper I've been impressed with
The only youngers I pump are Yella, Krit and Kendrick
Yeah, but enough about me
Let me mention all the one that doubt me
The one who see me buzzing and they come around me
I ain't nothing but some buzzers get the f*ck from
round me
Had a homie that matter to me get rather phoney
He heard Rojas is coming, he stuck his hand up to me
Like a ATM, to get the cash out of me
And when I'm telling him no, he started acting funny
Yeah, f*ck it, another lesson learnt
People think my generosity what they deserve
If you do want [?] others what you get in return
Then your mother should have swallowed the sperm
I was born on a bad sign, in the aura I was baptized in
[?] bad times is all that come and coming
[?] treat the family [?]
You people doing them numbers, my people number
Yeah, 8 girls, I hit a couple of them,
They big a hole to me, [?]
Ain't no getting emotionally attached,
Cause ain't nobody holding me back,
I don't over react
I'm a [?] and from a city [?] typical
So all the shit that is stressing you more than trivial
My people want me to win, I'm who they living through
Dough pedalist, they hoping that I'm a blow
[?] they get them tax free dollars and no benefits
[?].they focusing on the media needs,
And if they see the judge [?]
To finish up the sentence with [?]
But all y'all wanna see is the media see
[?] sitting him up [?] hitting the sirens on him
[?] watching the type of torture
[?] and so we live for today, day, we die tomorrow

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