Politician Lyrics

Well, papa always told me that I'd be something in life
Somebody famous someone who would make changes like
A superstar actor maybe a musician
A diplomat a scholar or maybe a politician then
Hmmm, a politician then
I could go to college get knowledge and make connections
Volunteer with the city and sit in on senate session and
Watch how they do what they do when they do it
So I could do what they do and pursue it
For the fame and popularity
For the money the perks the privileges and not for giving charity
Maybe even initiate into the secret social collective
So I could be respected
And dangle the strings for the puppets to dance when I say
Talk when I say, walk when I say
Let they children cry while my little one's play
Let my parents live nice while theirs wither I relax all day
Uh huh, that's the way that I envision it to be
A politician it would be so infinitely lovely
Can no one get above me when I finally have the power
I could change they brain patterns with malathion showers
And trsnsmitting low wave frequency emissions
Damn I can't wait for the day that I could be a politician
Damn I can't wait for the day that I could be a politician
Damn I can't wait for the day that I could be a politician

P.O. They abusing the poor
L.I. and they using they lies
T.I.C. and it's ticking me off
I.A.N. I and I against them

Okay, first of all there's too many poor people
Too many people sleeping on the streets
We need to do something 'bout this
All of the ones with dark skin, kill them all first
But make it discrete, put something in the free food they eat
And he projects, we need to renovate those locations
Find some corporation see if they can make some donations
To sponsor eradication of the lower class citizen
If they don't go on they own we'll have to end up killing them
But even better let's just make them dumber than shit
So they can take the jobs that no one else is dumb enough to get
Because they obviousy worthless to us look at how thay live
They don't contribute to society they got nothing to give
I mean look at the kids from the suburbs
They nice and respectful and have good families
And they earn good salaries
But these hood rats, they ain't no good matter of fact
Well, matter of fact let's just kill'em
Ship the guns into the middle of the ghetto
Along with some crack and when finally the dust settle
We'll have gotten rid of the worst and rest will have to listen
That's the mission, I can't wait to be a politician

Don't worry about a damn strong and make it all good
Yeah right, all good for me and mines though
Forget about the people, yeah it'd better if they blind
So they can't get in my business of passing these weak bills
And getting my chip thrills on society's ills
Because for reals, I ain't even the real problem
The problem is minority kids and all the violence
The problem is the government haters that defying us
So what'd you expect from a redneck politician
Other than to go for self and follow a solo mission
'Cause don't nobody give a damn anyway, anyhow
Anywhere, any who, any when, any now
Low brow tactics to split the class apart
So the poor people asas is assed out from the start
Now don't tell me that we politicians don't have a heart
I just gave up a thousand dollars to make beautiful parks
In my neighborhood, I'm telling you I'm doing my part
Forget the hood though it's better if they stay in the dark
"Cause don't nobody wanna see the dirty streets and dirty people
Now ask me again if all men were created equal
Now ask me again, now ask me again

P.O. They abusing the poor
L.I. and they using they lies
T.I.C. and it's ticking me off
I.A.N. I and I against them
It's like...

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Songwriter(s): Aleksander Manfredi, Egbert N. Dawkins
Record Label(s): 2005 Shaman Work Recordings
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