Blind Love Lyrics

Hey You Remember Uh.. When Uh..
You Was Just A Little Kid In The Summer
And The Days Were Gettin Hot And School Was Like Endin
And This Girl That You Thought Was Cute Was Like Bendin Your Brain
Makin You Insane Tryin To Figure Out How To Ask Her Out
See What Love's All About
But Yo You Couldn't Do It Cuz Your Boys Would Diss
So You Like Got Cold Feet Instead Of That Oh Sweet Kiss
Spent The Whole Entire Summer
Kickin Yourself In The Ass
Promising That You Would Never Let The Same Thing Pass.. Twice
But Self Promises Are The Hardest To Keep
When The Self Consciousness Starts To Creep
Butterflies Up In The Stomach When It's Time To Speak
Can't Even Say A Word Or Nothin You're Like Feelin Weak
And Defeated At The Game Of Love A Sore Loser
When You Choose Her But She's Not Havin It
So I'm Like Rappin Away Mah Pain
Tryin To Find Some Peace Of Mind Trapped Inside Of This Love Game
She Said: All I Know Is Oh, And I'm Never Gonna Let You Go

[Chorus: x2]
This Time I Gotta Get The Girl Off My Mind
I'm Lovesick, It's Startin To Deport My Sunshine
But I Wish, That I Could Just Sit Back And Recline
But Love Makes Me Blind, It Makes Me Blind

Durin The Summer I Spent My Time Depressed
My Friends Tried To Get The Sadness Offa My Chest
They Said: She Look Good But She Ain't That Fresh
Body May Be Nice But Her Brain Is A Mess
She Look Good But She Ain't All That
Her Behind Is Fat But Her Mind Is Whack
Yo I Understood That
But Love Is Even Worse
When You Got Friends That Joke And Laugh Til They Burst
So I Put Through The Voice
With A Switch And A High Pitched Voice
Hopin To Make The Right Choice
Voice My Mind Be Like
Yo I Want You
But Girls Never Care About Me
You Want Who?
Forget It I Just Stay By Myself
Collect My Wealth And Be Content To Stay By Myself
Cuz Followin This Love Thing Has Me Like Goin In Circles
My Big Red Heart Is Now Purple
And She Said: All I Know Is Oh, And I'm Never Gonna Let You Go

[Chorus x2]

I'm Blind And I'm Blind I'm Blind Blind And I Cannot See In Front Of Me.
Lovesick, I Can't See In Front Of Me Cuz She's Blockin My View

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