Blind Individuals Lyrics

Blind individuals
Running from dark shadows and emotional gallows
Trying to protect the nape, but can't escape
Four walls and borders corner around to trap the weak
Incoherent and superficial thoughts they see
Inhuman entities keep them locked at the knees
Evil hearted attempts to demolish families
To oneself be true, I put myself before all else
And all else before those who wanna take my wealth
Not currency, but currently events promote the wisdom
Organized education makes me book wise and street dumb
Passage to black, twelve steps to heal the broken hearted
If ignorance is bliss I guess I'd rather be retarded
Entice me; make me believe that knowledge is the key
Because so far, I've seen it unlock doors to misery
People with inhibited optics can't see the naked truth
Blind faith must begin as you
For blind individuals
When is it gonna stop
Selling' your soul to increase bank roll

[Chorus x3]
Blind individuals
When is it gonna stop
Selling' your soul to increase bank roll

I make it painfully clear, tell me the truth or tell me nothing
Don't tell me sweet little lies
My eyes will see right through your bluffing
How the black is extra-ordinary, a phenomenon to professors
They'll ruin your life, giving you mad work and pressures
With lectures that lead to nowhere for life
You struggle and fight, because you paid to be taught
By people with no sight
I'm quite the individual with witty conversation
To get inside my thoughts you must go through administrations
A positive mind state creates the best of situations
For future reference, your spirit's inspired limitations
My philosophical approach to psychological occurrence
Will keep you protected with god-like endurance
I walk the world when I came
And speak in paradigms
Responding' on sight to individuals that's blind
And when they find sight
Yo, they will soon see
The true giver of life is Aloe B
For blind individuals
When is it gonna stop
Selling' your soul to increase bank roll


If keeping' it real means packing steel and getting' high
I'll be the fakest kid on earth, no lie
So I don't puff the magic dragon, nor smoke the ganja tree
Take no more hits of verbal bliss to make my eyes r.e.d
Plus you weighted, rapid fire movies to the closed minded
Combined with the three dimensional sight
Find that you're blinded
Try to doubt your heritage
You say you live on, you wrong
The true social board is not strong
Never will the vision impaired understand reality
Imitation situations offer produce and fatality
My mentality is strictly utilizing my thought procession
To make heathen is evil makers go to confession
And spill they guts and intestines
All about the fall from grace
They can no longer recognize my face
For they are blind individuals
Those who cannot see will not see


But I keep my eyes on the earth
Without blinking

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