The Trouble With Motorcades Lyrics

[Verse 1: Esoteric]

Hm, would I take a bullet for him?
I’d rather find a radical trigger and pull it for him
I know he got his head up ass, someone should set up
his ass
Sniper rifle, put some lead up his ass
Go blasting but as I say that I pray that it doesn’t
I pray that I won’t be slacking when traitors get to
When facing off with assassins, I’m older and wiser
My only mode and desire, protect that golden messiah
Yeah that’s the goal for the liar that I was hired to
And if they kill me I’m a hero, they say dying is brave
But he’s the one who made his bed, he oughta lie in his
We secret service making people nervous try and behave
It’s ninety degrees in the shade at the tyrant’s parade
You could say violence paved the way for this
He might pay for this, some psychopath might slay for
When they look for the head of this American
All signs point to this place in time
If a lunatic’s in the crowd, what’s going through his

[Verse 2: Trademarc]

I’m making peace with whatever God hate me the least
It be whatever God plays in this beast in me
The motorcade’s reaching me in less than a mile
Whole brigade of secret service checking my file
Defeat the purpose of me being discreet
The whole street’s overflowing and the crowd’s only
growing by the moment
Brainwashed Americans settling while police barricade
A group of angry veterans holding signs with lines
Like it should’ve been him instead of them
I’ve seen better men on death row in prison
While lesser men are making all of our decisions
My vision of freedom has got me feeding high-powered
And my disciples are rightfully blessing my weapon
The cycle of recession and depression got me investing
Whatever’s left in my chequing
My obsession with ending oppression
And my aggression is gonna leave an impression
It’s an expression of rage of a generation raised
On the failed expectation of better days
He’s raised up on center stage
Heaven forbade my plans, the devil stays my hands
The trembling, the band on the grand stand
Play for the same man I plan to scan and blam
Blow his brains through the back of his black sedan
Time for a lullaby, time to serenade him to sleep
Shut his eyes like the shutters I snap on the front
With blood in the sky my weapon is raised
It’s high time the trigger’s engaged

[Verse 3: Esoteric]

I heard a shot and you know the fate of Malcolm
I heard the cries for help and I heard the canines
I thought the shooter missed him
Until I felt the blood splatter my face like a
sprinkler system
f**k I wipe it off, somebody sniped my boss
I check his pulse, his life is lost
Am I convicted by the results? Yes in photos I grieve
But internally I’m totally pleased, I’m hoping nobody
So I appear emotional and deceive
While his wife cries with his blood soak through his
So poetic that he sees the death his soldiers received
So what a sociopathic savage’s goal is achieved
A justifiable crime for shortening his blood line
They all families so I know the money’s growing on

[Verse 4: Trademarc]

Crosshairs crossed his hairline, blew his brains,
tossed his hair
Behind on his running mate holding the campaign slogan
Sun in his face but some of his face is holding the sum
Of the face that was the son of the face who replaced
the throne
With one of his own but now he’s erased
That’s one less taxless resident
That’s one less corrupt (shh)
You know my sentiments exactly
If the feds track me, ain’t gonna be a trackmeet
It’s gonna be a click-clack heat and repeat in the
Till I’m flat on my back on the concrete
A modern day Lee Harvey, a modern day Steve Garvey
That mean I’m hitting everybody I aim to body
Look, I embody the soul of Saudi soldiers
I got the same man’s head torn from his shoulders

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Record Label(s): 2008 Brick Records

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