Kill Bill O'reilly Lyrics


I wipe the dirt from my hands as I walk from your grave
Those ain’t facts, those are lies in the statements you
So we gotta get em get em
We gotta chill em chill em
We gotta get em get em
We gotta kill em kill em

[Verse 1: Esoteric]

You don’t believe homeless vets exist? (Shut up)
You put a spin on everything like the Exorcist
You a lying coward, lost soul, most statements you make
are not so
That’s how chicken hawks roll
I find the fact that you a Fox News asshole
Ironic cause you never been in a foxhole
I hope that you rot slow, you and your talk show
No Spin Zone, that’s a vertigo inferno
Fire and brimstone, we seeing all your neo-con bullshit
f**k a pressroom, you want the president pulpit
I cringe at your right-wing lunatic fringe
There’s no elegant speech to shelter beliefs
Hate dominates like the Celts in the east
Michelle Malkin wants to snitch like you’re telling
She oughta be shot, they gotta be stopped
Infrared to Bill O’Reilly’s head, that’s the key spot
I’m not a violent man but actually your blasphemy
Is badgering me to blast you and your factual
Naturally, media matters to me so we gotta
Shut down Fox News, that’s the way it has to be


[Verse 2: Trademarc]

Dear Bill, I’d like you to get your mouth off that
conservative cock
Long enough to sit and talk it out
Scratch that, let’s backtrack, I’ll stalk your house
Knock you out, gag your mouth, drag you out, thought
this out
I wanna hurt you, immerse you in torture
f**k making fun of you in punch lines
I’d rather kill your family in front of you by lunch
A one lock execution at sunshine
It’s crunch time? Let’s take it to the front line
Bless the union of marriage? Oh that’s classic
Dick in your hand making phone calls to Andrea Mackris
You got it backwards, phone sex leading to threats
To get her flat up on your mattress is as sick as
The list of adjectives put upon your favourite
actresses in your book
No spin, so grim, you borderline rapist, sexist, racist
Makeshift talking head celebrity that need a facelift


[Verse 3: Esoteric]

I transcribed all your lies till my dome was sore
Separated all your letters like an underscore
I’m in your driveway like “Bill O, what you running
You want beef but you’d never send your son to war
That’s my favourite reason but I got a hundred more
You a political prostitute, a money whore
Your ass is upper class saying that you come from poor
You need to get smacked down with guns galore

[Verse 4: Trademarc]

Or something more hardcore, slasher flick, mashed to
Scatter your chitter chatter is littered with little
that matters
You mad hatter blabbering on, I’m deadpan steady-handed
Kill you on a webcam body battered till I got red hands
And leave trail of dead fam (aha, damn)
That’s a Youtube number one download
Dump you at the end of your town’s road
Or hang you like Benito Mussolini if the ground’s cold


[Verse 5: Esoteric]

You’re the worst person on the planet, credit yourself
You mutilate a nominee now you edit yourself
Plus your lawsuit proves it, Bill, you read it yourself
You’re a sick man, you’re better off deading yourself
Pan left, maximum carnage like Grand Theft
Pan right, see the mic through the antichrist chest
O’Reilly get to shanking, he’s a liar, falsifier
And I’m a wolf out for his blood till he retires

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Record Label(s): 2008 Brick Records
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