Clean Conscience Lyrics

[Verse 1: Trademarc]

I’m an ego megalomaniac Lex Luthor
Brainiac Gorilla Grodd in a fog, legion of doom
Season of gloom, Solomon Grundy meeting King Kong Bundy
Ain’t a single one among me in the room
Wanna meet the bang of the boom
Click of the clack just as soon luminous shadow
Until the battle really rattle my world
Valley girl rappers get hurled through the pavement
That’s how ECA make a statement
Obliterate your essence and form
Your presence is gone like adolescents buried in porn
Pictures worn and their sentences gone
Like born identities my enemies warned
Their families mourn like Kennedys

[Verse 2: Esoteric]

You motherf**kers know I bust a flow in psychotropic
I smother foes and trample em like a herd of buffalo
The style you just came up with yo I structured like a
month ago
My hand is ? pile driver’s Mister Wonderful
I’m indestructible, the bodies hanging in my bungalow
My iron claw is like one that ? Esoteric
You’re generic like the CBS brand
And you wonder why people leave your show to go and see
the next band
We do this all independently, we got a clean conscience
That’s a good sign of a bad memory
?-born war babies whose wellbeing depends on factors
Of head-strong actors and defense contractors
Pay cuts, taxes, shake up axis, wake up, facts is this
Channel 7 shake up my mother’s nest sending her threats
Dudes watch MTV buy shit with rubber cheques
Pure girls get their allure and grace took
By well-paid rebels, Myspace and Facebook
Soldiers put their life on the line, we put our life in
these lines
Throw up the peace sign


I ain’t never gonna be what you want me to be
Never gonna see what you want me to see
I’m close to the murder sprees
Courtesy of neo-con burglary
Cause we all wanna be burden-free
You can be what I want you to be
If you can see what I want you to see
And that’s a 3d speeding bullet
I’ll pull it and put it in place so we can finally meet

[Verse 3: Esoteric]

I can no longer write well, I got a tight well
My penmanship is gone but the sentences are strong
And you know I never write a song
This be all stream of consciousness
Take one and it’s on
Take two and three if it’s wrong
Possibilities are endless when you do it penless
You can reinvigorate but the sickest hate holds you
Like eyelids of eyeballs watching tickertape
The art of yore manipulates your ear
The visual manipulates your fear
You oughta sell another Red Sox makes you cheer
So you don’t have to think about the people that are
stationed where?

[Verse 4: Trademarc]

I can never really go home
I’m prone to fits of rage that ain’t fit for a man of
my age
My stature is that of a man wrapped up in his mind
strapped up to the nines
The gates of rapture open when I’m having trouble
I’ll capture your frame in a scope and then your
silhouette goes
From fluid motion to frozen like you’re posing for a
But your whole centerfold’s looking more
Like you’re dozing in and out of REM sleep
That’s why the feds keep me on a blacklist, the fact is
I’m down for a revolution, violent
Never taking captives, looking for a resolution
Lower-class looking for a restitution
No one asked where our votes went in 2000
Lost or hidden like the overcoat I keep my two pounds
I creep where you sleep, lounging collect the bounty
From the crowds in the street while your body’s laying
at their feet
And your body heat seeps from your clothing
The fear and loathing of America is slowly buried with
With every image of ya lying at a press conference
I’ll leave you lying in your best-pressed suit
Finally with a clean conscience


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Record Label(s): 2008 Brick Records

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