Gorilla Music Lyrics

This gorilla music, some'ing to ride to
They done let me loose, I suggest you call the zoo
We getting gorilla money, my monkeys making cake
Southside orangatang, and I swang and bang with my
bathen apes
This gorilla music, some'ing to ride to
They done let me loose, I suggest you call the zoo
We getting gorilla money, baboons on the run
Southside orangatang, and I swang and bang in my Air
Force 1's

Chop you up like the Eddy films, y'all lil' boys ain't
ready for him
I'm Pro Tools y'all analog, safe to say that I'm above
Navy Seal from the neighborhood, test me dog I wish you
On your grind means on your grits, I guess you could
say we from the woods
Call the zoo keeper this beast loose, two or three
karats on each tooth
Don't make me go rake a roof, and dump ya ass in the
trunk of my coupe
Riding low and I'm ducking scanners, Texas through that
Hell yeah I'll admit it, that I'm a gorilla but I don't
like bananas
I like banana clips, (why) cause they so extended
I came to take the game over, but it wasn't intended
Contraband, in the back of my van
I know the Interstate, like the back of my hand
Yeah I-10 I-12, what about that I-20
Cats down here we independent, got the bread if we
wanna ride Bentley
On chrome it's on, stucko built home
Southside gorilla, backstreet King Kong yeah


On the grind still mashing, game's been missing some
real action
Offense was still lacking, back to run it like I'm Phil
Bring out the ring I'ma take it home, I ain't Caesar
this ain't Rome
I don't give a damn I'ma take the throne, this sell
about three million ringtones
Y'all ain't real y'all so fake, so in the hood it's no
E.S.G. I'm like a referee, don't act up or get hit with
a tech
We smoking that heavy kush, trigger finger cooler than
Reggie Bush
One big bird bout to have a lil' bird, come on girl and
get ready push
That means I make two out of one, don't understand then
you are dumb
Southside that's where me from, never leave the crib
without me gun
Me uzi weighs a ton, your groupies ate my cum
I'm in my cell with no weapon, I'ma make me one
Go 'head and send two blunts, big dog like Desin Young
Better yet I'm like T.O., cause the whole team against
me huh
Started off at the bottom of the pack, lost it all then
I got it right back
Boys out here wanna pop it like that, once you hit the
button it drop the top on the Lac


Southside flame spitter, better keep your dame with ya
Matter fact my mans'll get her, next my whole clan'll
to hit her
Yes I'm a wig splitter, we ride on our enemies
See I'll admit, I probably took me a couple ki's
But I'da been robbed too, so I guess that's even game
That's why I been at the range, making sure I got even
Bleed ya mayn blood ya mayn, bomber got me thugging
Boys in this rap game are clones, they be dubbing mayn
From New Jersey to Albuquerque, I'ma be the next that
y'all gon see
From the S.U.C. to the T-O-P, out the B-O-G what you
know bout me
What you know bout E know bout we, Southern hip-H-O-P
This my year let's get that clear, I'm a straight
gorilla stop hating on me


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