Back In The Building Lyrics

In case you forgot, a name
That's been ringing on your block, years
Independent hits, they always hot
So therefor all hail, the return of the king

Move around, cause I'm right back in the house
Back in the building, standing up for the South
Yeah, I'm one of the realest ever doin this
It's more than music, so homie join my movement and uh
Move around, cause I'm right back in the house
Back in the building, standing up for the South
Dropping hits, yep E's a star
And I'm right back, like I left the keys to my car whoa

Move around, cause I'm right back in the house
One of the first up out the South, with thirty G's in
my mouth
All these brand new rappers, they say they flipping
I guess it's the in thang, they say they sipping syrup
That's a damn lie, I never seen em with a cup
Say they ride big wheels, I never seen em in a truck
But I seen em riding a bus, let's be for real bro
Only seen em riding candy, was on the video
Now they saying that they smoke cush, cause everybody
do it
I guess they get they ideas, from everybody music
I ain't talking bout one, cause it's mo' individuals
These boys in this rap game, so hypocritcal
So damn political, and don't even vote
Talking bout these dutches and swisha sweets, and don't
even smoke
Brand new Rolex, or should I say recoupelex
Soon as the label give it to ya, they gon take it out
ya check yeah


Move around, cause I'm right back in the house
Some drop bricks, we drop hits down South
I can't lie, the hottest thang going is Swishahouse
But the whole movement started, at my homie Screw's
I ain't hating homie, cause that's the god damn truth
Don't believe what I'm saying, come get some god damn
Tropicana orange juice, naw that ain't our color
We like candy blue or red, inside's peanut butter
That's interior dummy, don't relate or hate me
The picture ain't clear, I put it in HD
Ask some Southern DJ's, who drop hits they spin em
Yep Swangin' And Bangin', one of the songs of the
Wanna be a Baller, that's a double platinum hook
I got about a thousand mo', in my notebook
Thousand fans waving they hands, me and Big Moe rocking
While you big budget artists, hottest steady flopping


Move around, cause I'm right back in the house
It ain't no secret, trend setters down South
Working wood wheels, with TV's keeping it real
Look how many cats, trying to rock a ice grill
Look at Bun B's "Trill", number one on the charts
He was long overdue, you know that's straight from the
I pay homage to those, who opened do's and paved way
Getto Boys, Scarface, Pimp C and Lil' J
Suavehouse, Cash Money, No Limit to Screw
East coast West coast, yep I wanna thank you
For Run DMC, to the Tribe Called Quest
N.W.A., Snoop and Dre out West
Spice 1, Above the Law, there's so many groups
All the early entrpreneurs, like Russell Simmons and
I'm the truth in the booth, a million hits on my sleeve
Every year I reutrn, like it's New Years Eve I'm


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