City On Lock Down Lyrics

This is Scott Steel, with WSTS
Live from downtown Houston, at City Hall
Where it appears, that the two young rappers
That have been terrorizing the city, for the past few
Have resurfaced, and have been engaged in secret
With the Mayor, and city council
I've been informed, that they will be coming out
To make a statement shortly, as you can see
By the show of support, from the citizens of Houston
This could get ugly, as far as I have more details
I'll be back, Scott Steel reporting live from downtown
Houston WSTS

[Slim Thug]
I got the city on lock, every hood every block
I'm supplying all rocks, whether you know it or not
Soft or hard, Slim Thugger your local drug lord
You gotta have enough for ten, before you come in my
I never been robbed, my whole click thick like the mob
We got spots in every state, and nobody got jobs
We goodfellas,a staff full of buyers and sellers
That supply what you need, you just need to tell us
Never scared of the FEDs, I just keep on ticking
I catch a case every month, but uh none of em sticking
Teflon Don, minus the snitch send me the bull
The first rule in getting rich, is stay paid in full
All that fun, and giving a crook credit (forget it)
Ain't no friends with getting ends, I meant it and I
said it
(we bout our business), like I said I'm Young Don Bread
And I'm holding down my spot, till the day that I'm
dead I got

(the city's on lock down), yeah cuz
The Mayor and the judge, answer to E and Slim Thug
cause the
(the city's on lock down), nigga what
Every corner every block, every ki every rock cause the
(the city's on lock down), we for real
Every cop politician, every hoe house every prison
cause the
(the city's on lock down), look around
Independent underground, we done knocked the city down

Make Sin make the beat drop, I got the streets on lock
Heat on cock, in case they trying to creep in my spot
FEDs and cops with binoculars, trying to peep up the
I know they want the money we got, but see we peeping
they plot
Believe it or not, they wanna know what's wrapped in
this box
Thinking it's twenty bricks we got, homie straight from
the dock
Call me Sasquatch, because I'm Bigfoot boys
You grew up on Eazy E, we was raised on Geto Boys
Treat our c.d.'s like they ki's, we slang em half a
Cook em up in the studio, ship em out just like they
You know how it go, homie dope sell itself
If the product good, the whole hood'll snatch it off
the shelf
Came to give the game help, from these studio dummies
Making bullshit albums, taking customers money
So next time you kiddie rappers, say you putting us on
the map
Tell the mags E.S.G., SES about that what


We get paid off the ballers, lawyers the pimps the hoes
The gangstas, bankers the corner liquor sto's

[Slim Thug]
The hustlers the FEDs, the clubs the thugs
If it's dealing with drugs, we get all of the above

The O's the pounds, the drank the crack
Dice game across town, even the barbecue shack

[Slim Thug]
The stocks the bonds, the clothes the shoes
The taxes the jails, the courts the schools

The Astros the Comets, the Texans the Rockets
You name it we got it, this rap game we locked it
The tracks the flows, the ice the shows
Everything ghetto gold, nigga you already know that the


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Record Label(s): 2004 S E S Entertainment LLC
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