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14 Years Old
Duwap Kaine
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14 Years Old Lyrics

I'm tryna bust me a script
Don't get your bitch ass clipped
[?] when I count up the chips
Southwest every class got skipped
I'm tryna run up a bag
All of my Ksubi jeans sag
She sucking, shh, through corona mask
You hear her choke and her gag
She wanna know about me, she Vlad
Go on head with your snitch ass
I leave a dumb bitch in the past
Can't put these Prada shoes in the grass
Wake up on lean, yeah, I'm kinda mad
This Glock on my hip, please don't try my ass
Ain't finna rap 'bout a ho I ain't [?]
[?] spending money fast
I give a f*ck nigga my last
Come from the heart, you don't gotta ask
How your bitch bad 'cause her p*ssy trash
Your lean light, shit ain't even contrast
I wanna f*ck up at Saks
I wanna f*ck up at Lennox
I wanna buy me a pistol
Something just like a lieutenant
The hydro and drank, mix it
Off-White shoes on, I just kick shit
Kick him off his own block, yeah, eviction
These niggas be p*ssy on that bitch shit
I don't even really even f*ck with bro
What make these f*ck niggas wanna call a bluff
Break in your house like this shit Snow on tha Bluff
You don't got your gun now you not so tough
Niggas be wishy-washy on that other stuff
Them dirty ass police put me in some handcuffs
But I deserve to be out, I'm sipping on drank, I'm f*cking the stores up
I'm f*cking the stores up
Hella guns, nigga, I f*ck Lowe's up
You not my bitch, baby girl, put them toes up
Best believe I'ma blow some
Trenches to Melrose, huh
I was up all night doing drugs with the bros, huh
I got a lot on my mind and a whole lot of time in the hood and I'm throwing a four up
Hate when a dumb bitch bring up old stuff
I set the two cups on a coaster
When I get high, I'm a high roller
If that's your bitch, why your bitch [?]
Damn, look at my soda
This bitch might fill over
Stretch 'em out like yoga
I'm walking in with an odor
My car got a fast motor
I wake up with a motor
You working, got a whole shift
I'm in the trap house, twenty-four shit
Gotta pick my bag up with a forklift
I be spending money on some bored shit
I look at it, I could afford it
She going back to broke on horse shit
You talking 'bout niggas on dork shit
I'm high as f*ck smoking cat piss
I got a talent, it's rapping
At both things, I be wrapping the bricks
I ain't even talking 'bout a present
I run my city, I'm the new president
Thinking you a street nigga, man, stop speaking on all of this shit
24 how I'm balling, lil' bitch
Nigga, long live Kobe Bryant
Designer on, nigga, anywhere, in the living room, nigga, I'm in the den
Good gas, I be bringing it in
Latina bitch probably bringing some friends
And I feel like NoCap 'cause a nigga really 'bout them backends
Like you could call me [?]
Stacking and flipping [?]
My young niggas with me going wild
[?] right now
Young nigga and I'm married to the streets, nigga, I ain't ever took no vow
Even though I got three brothers all grown up, I'm the only child
Freestyling what I'm doing right now
Got too many kids, where the ultrasound
The same way how I was coming when I was fourteen how I'm coming right now
But the difference is I done learned a lot now
I'm a felon now, had to put the gun down
I was kicking shit in the hood, nigga, now I'm rich, nigga, I'm just rich somehow

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Songwriter(s): Duwap Kaine
Record Label(s): 2021 TAF
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