That's A Fact Lyrics

[Intro: Dom Pachino]
Yeah, (Napalm) militant way of life, (Napalm) gear up, yo, yo

[Dom Pachino:]
Aiyo, the game keep growing, his name keep growing
Dom Pachino as a solo artist, niggas knowing
His music is street, and on the streets, niggas know him
Now let me do the honors and introduce you to the Terrorist
The gat dreamer, the flat screen, hoody rocking
With the red beam, the lead screams, even the blood streams
Through the creases of the concrete, silence when the don speak
The Killarm' G, gorilla arm, let's build upon me
I need to do my laundry, to clean the money I'm making
Plus the records I'm breaking, the rep that was created
I'm so dedicated, the first Latin rapper to ever rep Staten
Twenty minutes from Manhattan
We get the money too, just look, check out my honey, dude
See the attraction when money moves, I dead funny crews
Pockets look like the ears of a bunny do
I get cake right in front of you, I'm not one of you
Got the power, bout ten of you, to hell is where I'm sending you
I'm not a friend of you, I'm the worst thing you ever intended to do, word...
I'm a beast in my own right, rock stones that shine like strobe lights
I'm the street so get the code right, or you won't last a whole fight
Must of had me up all night, drugs ain't cool unless you sellin' em, right
I'm livewire like my nigga Brim, expired
Over old gin, for a wild night, I kept the Trojans
Close by, coast to coast, hope the most high
Is watching you to, I don't knock what you do
Just keep it militant, diligent's the way that we move
You be killing it, tell me who f**king with you
If it was up to me, Killarmy 4 be coming soon
Because ya'll want it that bad, and you deserve it
Shit, who spit better than the team? Now Cypher
Knowledge, the kid's flow is polished, the kid's day demolished
Everything they touch, we f**k it up, we f**k it up

[Chorus x2: Dom Pachino]
Innovator of this militant rap, that's a fact
First Latin rapper to rep the Stat', that's a fact
Caught charges for, busting my gat, that's a fact
Man, shit just be like that, that's that

[Dom Pachino:]
I'm tired of, all these affiliates that's ain't affiliated with shit
Wu-Tang this and that, man, get off the dick
Be a fan, cop the music, man, keep it as that
You done f**ked up the game when you started to rap
Now family ain't family no more, like Ghost said
Tell me who's fault is that? The Hip Hop Hippie?
The same argument from them all, he jipped me
At the same time, he introduced me to the game
Would of forgot about me, if I didn't maintain
But it's '08, and bygones is gone
I'm still Killarmy, I'm just reppin' Napalm
To the upmost, the game's cutthroat, don't make me bust coast
For R-E-S-P-E-C-T, or you will S-E-E T-E-R-R-O-R-I-S-T
In your closest, or studio session, any beef I be, brief with addressing
Better sleep with the weapon, new year, no time for half stepping
I'm ass betting, or you see me with the masked weapon

[Chorus x2]

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